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If Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11, at what point do we stop using their drugs?

Have you seen this?

“I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia,” former Senator Bob Graham, Democrat of Florida, said in an affidavit filed as part of a lawsuit brought against the Saudi government and dozens of institutions in the country by families of Sept. 11 victims and others. Mr. Graham led a joint 2002 Congressional inquiry into the attacks.

His former Senate colleague, Bob Kerrey of Nebraska, a Democrat who served on the separate 9/11 Commission, said in a sworn affidavit of his own in the case that “significant questions remain unanswered” about the role of Saudi institutions. “Evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible Saudi government agents in the September 11th attacks has never been fully pursued,” Mr. Kerrey said. (here)

Do you know why it hasn’t been pursued? Because “a little light hurts the eyes.”

In the lead up to Iran, Saudi Arabia is urging and attack. But, get this. Do you know what happens if Iran goes down? Saudi Arabia, who has the actual market on reserve crude, will be a superpower.

They want this to go away… don’t let it.

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Saudi Arabia has non-citizen arrested for insulting Muhammad

Interpol has been accused of abusing its powers after Saudi Arabia allegedly used the organisation’s red notice system to get a journalist arrested in Malaysia for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

Police in Kuala Lumpur said Hamza Kashgari, 23, was detained at the airport “following a request made to us by Interpol” the international police cooperation agency, on behalf of the Saudi authorities.

via Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet | World news | The Guardian.

Wow… Say, how about having the United States sign up for Interpol and other international police/governmental organizations.

Freedom of Speech, a must cherished freedom, doesn’t work well on the international level…

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Well, I guess there is no choice, now. Bomb, bomb, bomb #Iran

Guess what….

Two men allegedly working for “factions of the Iranian government” have been charged with plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington and to attack the Saudi and Israeli embassies, Attorney General Eric Holder said Tuesday. (here)

Now, before anyone goes and calls for war, let’s remember that the U.S. has engaged in cyberwarfare, and we have been winning, with Iran for the past several years. Granted, this looks like a set up to get Israel involved, but I guess we’ll see what happens.

I hope, and pray, that this doesn’t lead to more bloodshed.

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Good for Saudi Arabia!

Saudi King Abdullah announced Sunday that the nation’s women will gain the right to vote and run as candidates in local elections to be held in 2015 in a major advancement for the rights of women in the deeply conservative Muslim kingdom. (here)

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2,000 yeard old Middle Eastern ‘Nazca Lines’

They stretch from Syria to Saudi Arabia, can be seen from the air but not the ground, and are virtually unknown to the public.

They are the Middle East’s own version of the Nazca Lines — ancient “geolyphs,” or drawings, that span deserts in southern Peru — and now, thanks to new satellite-mapping technologies, and an aerial photography program in Jordan, researchers are discovering more of them than ever before. They number well into the thousands.

Referred to by archaeologists as “wheels,” these stone structures have a wide variety of designs, with a common one being a circle with spokes radiating inside. Researchers believe that they date back to antiquity, at least 2,000 years ago. They are often found on lava fields and range from 82 feet to 230 feet (25 meters to 70 meters) across. [See gallery of wheel structures]

 “In Jordan alone we’ve got stone-built structures that are far more numerous than (the) Nazca Lines, far more extensive in the area that they cover, and far older,” said David Kennedy, a professor of classics and ancient history at the University of Western Australia.

Visible Only From Above, Mystifying ‘Nazca Lines’ Discovered In Mideast | Fox News.

Thought this might interest a few of you – of course, they are most likely alien maps or something.

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