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More on C Street with Jeff Sharlet

Before the Tea Party Express brought tens of thousands to protest in the nation’s capital, and before town hall meetings about health care devolved into shout downs, there was the story of the boys of C Street.

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Religious Speech Amendment Added To Hate Crimes Bill

The National Religious Broadcasters Friday (NRB) praised passage of a religious speech-related amendment to hate crimes legislation, while the ACLU said the overall bill still lacked sufficient First Amendment protections. The religious amendment was adopted Thursday night (July 16) by a vote of 78 to 13, according to NRB, after which the underlying hate crimes bill was approved by a voice vote. The bill would raise to a federal offense certain crimes that could be tied to “race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability,” according to ACLU.

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Ensign's "C Street House" Owned By Group Touting Plans For Christian World Control

There are times when I question my sanity while examining this idea of the Seven Mountains, C-Street, and Dominionism, but thanks to Bruce Wilson I feel that if I am insane, at least I am not alone: The C Street House is run by a secretive Washington ministry known as The Family, or The Fellowship. Over the past year and a half, The Family has gradually come to public attention, mainly due to journalist and Harpers editor Jeff Sharlet’s ground breaking book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power. The Family  runs the yearly National Prayer Breakfast

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All in 'The Family' – Is this politics or a cult?

As I was watching some news last night, I saw this story on the Rachel Maddow show – and frankly, it’s a bit creepy. I usually stop watching news by that late hour – else the children run screaming from the information overload. It concerns The Family, founded by Nazi-sympathizer, Abraham Vereide. As I was watching, I was figuring – 70 years ago? Um, right around the time all this gooblygook with William Branham started and the Manifest Sons of God. Actually, it is quite possible that these two crossed paths. (You may also want to check out this