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Obama Lifts Global Abortion 'Gag Rule', but with eye to Pro-Life Supporters

President Barack Obama today signed an executive order lifting a ban on U.S. funding for international family planning groups that perform abortions or provide counseling about the procedure.

The order rescinds the Mexico City Policy, also known as the “gag rule,” which President Ronald Reagan originally instituted in 1984 and President Bill Clinton rescinded and President George W. Bush revived in 2001.

This is not news, as we knew that this was coming – it has happened before – however, we noticed a stark change with the administration of this event. In the past the order was reversed on the anniversary date of Roe v. Wade with pomp and great fanfare. This time, it happened on Friday afternoon, with no cameras. I hope that the President has a real goal of reducing abortions – it stands to be seen.

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Democratic-Friendly Groups to Participate in the March for Life

The annual March for Life in Washington has long been a Republican/Christian right affair, with messages sent from the White House during Republican administrations and with the Family Research Council playing host to the affiliated Blogs for Life conference. This year’s March for Life, held on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, sees the introduction of new voices to the event: moderate and liberal religious groups that advocate reducing the number of abortions by means other than overturning Roe.

Now wait, I thought Democrats were evil baby killing mongrels. Now they are marching for life? What has Obama done to the Democratic Party?

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J Lee 'I endorsed Todd Bentley' Grady and Palin's 'Deborah Anointing'

Try to remember, Mr. Grady has anointed Todd Bentley and is a member of the New Apostolic Coalition so would people trust him?

Fire In My Bones.

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Exploring hypocrisy in Sarah Palin


No, seriously, there are some on the extreme left that is actually accusing Sarah Palin of hypocrisy for not aborting ‘the fetus’, or as those of us that celebrate life, the baby when she found out that the child had Down Syndrome.

My wife and I had the same test that she did. Not to abort, but to be warned and to make preparations. Abortion was far from our mind, but providing for the child was very much on my hearts.

Granted, this has very little to do with doctrine, but I am posting it because of the value that I place on human life. I believe that we follow well in the Church Father’s footsteps, (contrary to Nancy Pelosi). We must support life at every stage, not just when we choose to.

Sarah Palin Down Syndrome | Salon.

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