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North Korea leniently releases U.S missionary

Looking pale and drawn, an American missionary was on his way home Saturday after being freed by North Korea, which detained him for illegally crossing its border from China on Christmas Day.

Robert Park, his eyes almost closed, made no comment as U.S. consular officials guided him to a transit area after his arrival in Beijing’s airport from North Korea.

U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Susan Stevenson said Park would leave later in the day for the United States.

N. Korea ‘leniently’ releases U.S missionary – North Korea- msnbc.com.

US missionary crosses border into North Korea to carry letter

God bless him:

A Christian missionary from the U.S. has entered North Korea carrying a letter to leader Kim Jong Il in order to call attention to the tens of thousands of political prisoners believed held in the communist state, an activist said Saturday.

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