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My Cargill Caption Contest Entry

Thanks to Jim for this contest.

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The real holy grail – Dr. Robert Cargill (@xkv8r) (video)

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Bible Secrets Revealed – a new series coming soon from @xkv8r

Dr. Cargill writes, Please tune in to this documentary, which seeks to address difficult biblical scriptures and teachings in a responsible, academic, yet entertaining manner. The series is certain to be compelling as much for its scholarship as for its examination of secrets buried deep within the biblical texts, that have often traditionally been known only to scholars. via New History Channel Documentary “Bible Secrets Revealed” Begins Airing November 11 | XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill. Be sure to read his link for all of the juicy details. Also, it involves sex. Yeah, now you’re


Lecture – Dr. Robert Cargill, “Toward an Archaeological Standard for Digital Imagery” | Art History & Archaeology

With the increased use and power of digital imagery tools comes the increasingly frequent manipulation of these images for purposes ranging from humor to advertisement. Unfortunately, these purposes also include the manufacture of evidence to support revisionist theories of history and religion. And while fields such as journalism have begun setting standards for acceptable practices concerning the processing of digital imagery, many scholarly fields within the humanities have not yet effectively addressed digital media processing and manipulation. A rise in frequency of pseudo-archaeological claims made by amateurs employing manipulated digital imagery to support their sensational claims necessitates the immediate

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Dr. Cargill on the Rhetoric of Simcha Jacobovici

He concludes, He states himself that he is not an academic. Perhaps we should stop expecting him to argue like one. Granted, Simcha will not recant of his false accusations, his deceptions, and his hyperbolic notions of awards and titles, but at the very least, people will get to see the full story.


Why me, Lord?

Dr. Cargill has responded to the current string of posts regarding the dismissal of Scholarship based on the (non/lack of, almost) supernatural views of the person who holds them. As I have posted several times, I struggled with accepting scholarship from a Seventh-Day Adventist even though I used LDS scholarship, both groups considered at the very least heterodox by orthodox Christians. My good friend, Dr. Jim West — who is one of the most warmest souls to have met in person, who has always been there to give me advice, help, and a shoulder to cry on and I

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Is Dr. Robert Cargill Saved?

Following up on the post from yesterday… I mean, some bloggers seem to imply that one cannot comment on Christian-anything unless one is Christian