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More Proof Congressman Ron Paul Isn’t Racist or White Supremacist

IF IT WALKS LIKE A DUCKKK AND QUACKS LIKE A DUCKKK, IT MUST BE A ROOSTER? Make no mistake about it, arguing that the Confederate States of America were right in their cause does not make Ron Paul a racist or White supremacist. Contributing to Stormfront’s political conspiracy to invade the Domincan Islands could be seen as a mere rumor; that doesn’t give Ron Paul a racist bone in his body. Permitting racist newsletters written by someone else but is otherwise in your name is not racist. Arguing that the Civil Rights Act of `1964 (let alone still talking


Say, you wanna go abortion doctor huntin’? Come to South Dakota

I kid you not – the Republicans in the South Dakota House have introduced a bill allowing for justifiable homicide for those who harm the unborn: FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to expand the definition of justifiable homicide to provide for the protection of certain unborn children. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA: Section 1. That § 22-16-34 be amended to read as follows: 22-16-34. Homicide is justifiable if committed by any person while resisting any attempt to murder such person, or to harm the unborn child of such person in a manner and to a

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Oklahoma Conservatives want Government out of Marriage

Republican members proposed three pieces of legislation imposing new regulations on marriage and divorce in Oklahoma. Two of the measures were defeated, but another — requiring counseling for those planning to wed, and therapy sessions for couples considering divorce — is awaiting action. The issue has produced sharp clashes among conservative colleagues who normally find themselves in agreement. The debates have featured charges of hypocrisy and of betraying Republican principles against government intrusion into private lives. “How far do I want government to come into my home and your home about private personal matters?” asked Rep. Leslie Osborn, a

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The GOP does not speak for God or THIS Christian

The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children. In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest. – State Delegate Bob Marshall (here) No, Delegate Marshall, God’s doesn’t work that way. Read John 9 and Romans 2. Let me restate his theological idea: Disabled children are God’s punishment.

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Strategist Warns GOP Risks Becoming 'Religious Party'

John McCain’s top adviser from the presidential campaign urged fellow Republicans on Friday to warm up to gay rights and warned that the GOP risks becoming the “religious party” with its opposition to same-sex marriage. Steve Schmidt, in his first political appearance since the election, spoke at the Washington, D.C., convention for the Log Cabin Republicans — a grassroots group for gay and lesbian Republicans. He urged Republicans, in the near-term, to endorse civil unions and stop using the Bible as rationale for gay-marriage opposition.

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African-American Catholic elected to head GOP

Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele won a sixth ballot victory today to become the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC). A prominent Catholic lay person, Steele serves on the Administrative Board of the Maryland Catholic Conference — the church’s lobbying arm in the state capitol of Annapolis — and is a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Landover Hills, MD, where he attends mass regularly with his wife Andrea and their two sons Michael and Drew. Steele, a native of Washington, DC, spent three years as a seminarian in the Order of St. Augustine,

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Red Letter Christianity: A new name for progressive Evangelicals

In America, over the last decade-and-a-half, Evangelicalism has become married to the Republican Party. To go on university campuses and declare oneself an Evangelical is to immediately have red flags raised by secularists. Once defined as Evangelical, it is assumed that he or she is pro-war, anti-feminist, anti-gay, pro-capital punishment, pro-gun, anti-environmentalism, and certainly part of the Religious Right. Many of us made unsuccessful attempts to stave off such categorisations. Eventually, a group of one-time Evangelicals, drawn from the Pentecostal to the Roman Catholic communities, got together to come up with a new name. Henceforth, we said, we are