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PCUSA is on life support says pastors

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
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Calvin’s children are dying…

To say the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is deathly ill is not editorializing but acknowledging reality. Over the past year, a group of PC(USA) pastors has become convinced that to remain locked in unending controversy will only continue a slow demise, dishonor our calling, and offer a poor legacy to those we hope will follow us. We recently met in Phoenix, and have grown in number and commitment. We humbly share responsibility for the failure of our common life, and are no better as pastors nor more righteous than anyone on other sides of tough issues.

via The Layman Online.

Why? You’ll have to find out their claims, but I hope that it is not more from the Confessing Church movement crowd.

Here are two things which catch my eye:

Values: Property and assets under stewardship of the local Session.  Dues/Gifts for common administration should only allow and enable continued affiliation among these congregations;


Proposal: Congregations and presbyteries that remain in a denomination that fundamentally changes will become an insurmountable problem for many. Some members of the Fellowship will need an entity apart from the current PC(USA). It is likely that a new body will need to be created, beyond the boundary of the current PC(USA), while remaining in correspondence with its congregations.  The wall between these partner Reformed bodies will be permeable, allowing congregations and pastors to be members in the Fellowship regardless of denominational affiliation.  All kinds of possibilities exist, and much will depend on how supportive the PC(USA) can be in allowing something new to flourish.

This is what I see happening – the conservative minded members what to divest the PCUSA from ownership of the local instruments of congregational worship and governance. Then, they want to former their own body within the PCUSA. In other words, and I may be wrong, they want to be able to take their buildings with them when they leave.

But, then again, I am not PCUSA.

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