Harold Camping, Repented… forgiven

After numerous failed doomsday predictions, Family Radio founder Harold Camping announced this month that he has no plans to predict ever again the day of God’s Judgment. He also issued an apology to listeners, admitting that he was wrong. “We have learned the very painful lesson that all of creation is in God’s hands and He will end time in His time, not ours!” a statement on Family Radio’s website reads. “We humbly recognize that God may not tell His people the date when Christ will return, any more than He tells anyone the date they will die physically.” “But we

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Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons: Chapters 1-4

Reading the Bible for All the Wrong Reasons by Russell Pregeant The Bibe can be hazardous to one’s health if it is read with faulty expectations. (Back cover) These fault expectations, according to Pregeant, lead to being used as a means to abuse others who do not hold to similar beliefs.  It all begins with interpretation. How many times have we heard, “We don’t interpret the Bible, we read it.” or “The Bible interprets the Bible.” or something along those lines?  I hear statements like this all the time.  The more I think about these statements, the more I want


Harold Camping – Looking for a “Man-quake”

This is why the Church must teach eschatology – because people like Harold Camping will do their level best to take advantage of anyone who will listen. In a message on his Web site, Camping declared that today, “at this point, looks like it will be the final end of everything.” But if doomsday doesn’t come today, Camping might explain it away just as he did his May prediction mistake. In another post on his site, Camping wrote that May 21 was the “spiritual” end of the world. As for the earthquakes he predicted, he says they came in the form


Oh dear – Here we go again – Harold says now that it is October 21st 2011

Let’s hold our breathe for that one… you can follow the live blog here as Camping speaks out. Some of this statements, thus far: “If we found that we make a mistake, immediately we will correct that, of course,” says Camping, but he says he was not incorrect his in math, just his interpretation about how May 21 would play out. He calls the day “an invisible Judgment.” “The timing, the structures, the proofs, none of that has changed at all,” “All I am is a humble teacher. I search the Bible. I search the Bible,” he says. “It


Harold Camping Speaks – “I’ve Got to Live with It”

“Give me a day, no interviews at all today. Sorry. You know this is a big deal, big deal, and I’ve got to live with it and I’ve got to think it out. So no interview,” said Camping, who looked tired and dazed. (here) Ht – Eddie via twitter Related articles Matt just got assaulted by a supporter of Harold Camping in this… ( Okay Harold Camping, Start Talking | The Intersection ( While Harold Camping sits safe with his millions… ( Harold Camping ‘Flabbergasted’ The World Did Not End [Video] ( On Harold Camping (


Harold Camping’s Missing, I’m Sick and it’s my wife’s fault

Harold Camping, the California preacher who became omnipresent in the publicity blitz over his prediction of the end of the world, today was nowhere to be found after it became clear that the Rapture wasn’t happening. (here) Duh… wouldn’t you go hiding too when you know that lots of people will now turn around and either sue you or try to take matter in to their own hands? Keith Bauer, a tractor-trailer driver and Camping follower, said “I was hoping for it because I think heaven would be a lot better than this earth.” He said “I had some

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Choo Thomas on Choo Thomas

A Choo Thomas failed prophecy: I was certain the rapture would happen in 2009 but it did not and I was very, very disappointed. During the first week of 2010 the Lord explained to me that the rapture was supposed to have happened in 2009 but He had delayed it for only a twinkling of an eye. Since the beginning of 2010 the Lord has talked about the rapture with urgency now more than ever before. But Choo has on her website … Whoever judges “Heaven is so Real” and other prophetic books should read Matthew 7:1-6, repent