Dear Duggar Family Children

Dear Duggar Family Children. This is for Jana Maria, John-David, Jill Michelle, Jessa Lauren, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah,  Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie. Even you, Josh. This is for you when you finally leave your home, in thought and in deed. I want to welcome you to a world that is far brighter than you’ve led to believe it is. I want to welcome you to a chance to truly experience all of God’s creation, as something more than sex objects, as something more than husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, baby-sitters, and

Gender Issues

The Logical Conclusion to the Problem of Masculine Christianity

I’m telling you, there’s a lot of weak vessels, silly women, out there, who ungodly men lie in wait for. Am I controlling for keeping my woman away from these evil men? Then so be it. Yes, I am in control, but I love my woman enough to grant her freedom of thought and expression. She is as intelligent as I am, but still the weaker vessel, due to her willingness to surrender and submit to a man who takes charge. Ask yourself, how many men adopt the interests and beliefs of their wives? None. How many women adopts

Society and Religion

I can’t wait until some guy buys my daughters – Quiverfull

As Bible-believing Baptists who hold to reformed theology, X and I believe that God is sovereign in choosing who will or will not believe in him, having chosen his people before the foundation of the world (see Ephesians 1), and that his selection is unbreakable and irresistible. If marriage is to mirror this principle, we believe that a woman has no right to select a husband for herself, but that she is to be chosen by a man and marriage is to be an unbreakable arrangement between the man and her father. Based on this reasoning, we have shunned

Society and Religion

Bene Diction takes on Quiverfull

Recently, during private conversations, I believe that I have identified two separate understandings/movements of Quiverfull. One supports large families, and acknowledges that it is not for everyone, seeing it as a call. Further, this group are interspersed among various denominations and congregations.The husband-wife relationship is not a master-slave relationship, but a Traditional understanding of family headship. The second group are better called the Patriarchal Quiverers which has an extreme view of the husband-wife relationship, and extreme view of the intrusion of society (such as medicine), and an extreme few of large families – taking literal the charge in Timothy

Gender Issues

Quiverfull? Full of Kids, at least: Duggers to have 19th child

I didn’t know if I wanted to post this or not, but since it does have something to do with religion, I figured I might. (I always enjoy a good conversation.)  While speaking with our midwife the other day, she informed us of the dangers of this many children (no, 3 should be about enough for us). Some of the extreme dangers of Quiverfull, which is a movement located generally in the United States, include death to the mothers – but there are also extreme views on the relationships between the husband and wife. I have watched, a little,

Gender Issues

My Womb for His Purposes: The Perils of Unassisted Childbirth in the Quiverfull Movement

As a reminder, the Quiverfull movement is limited to the United States, and is new – by that alone, I question it’s merit to be called a Christian movment. In the last week of June, two different circles of blogs invested in the Quiverfull movement—both as critics and supporters of the pro-natalist, patriarchal, conservative Christian lifestyle—focused on the sad news of the death of one Quiverfull mother’s child shortly after birth. The woman was Carri Chmielewski, author of the now-private blog “Carri Me Away,” where she described her Quiverfull lifestyle, eschewing contraception, having as many children as God gave

Gender Issues

Motherhood, Extreme Edition – Quiverfull and the Duggers 18 Children]

Are the Duggers part of a cult? You know, the mom that has 18 kids and counting from Arkansas… If there is a wholesome counterpoint to the gossip-rich travails of single-mom Nadya Suleman and her 14 children, it might be Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who had their 18th child just weeks before the arrival of Suleman’s octuplets in January. The Duggar birth was televised on the Arkansas couple’s popular TLC reality show, “17 Kids and Counting” (now “18 Kids and Counting”). Unlike Suleman, who was vilified as the freakish, government-assistance-dependent “Octomom,” the Duggars’ abundant progeny often attract admiration.