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I Understand This Tough Decision – Quest Community Church

Heidi and her family has made a tough descision – to leave the congregation which she defended, loved, and lived:

Unfortunately, events arose that have required us to take a step backward from Quest Community Church altogether. I have renamed the blog and given it a new look.

Regular blog readers know that for the past two years, this blog has been devoted to our story of a three-year financial pledge to our church. We just wrapped up year two of this pledge and were heading into our last year. (Read the rest: Family Giving: A Tough Decision.)

I’ll be praying for Heidi and her family and for those who have been exiled, cast aside, ignored, or hurt because their pastors have chosen to follow mammon rather than God.

Is Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY a Cult?

Update: Pete Hise has resigned after his “emotional” affair with the music minister, Sharon Clements.

Read another blogger’s personal update.


Honestly, I don’t know and as far as I know, I’ve never said that it was; however, it seems to be a hot topic bringing people to the blog today. A fellow blogger, twitterer, etc… Heidi actually posted on this today. Since she is a member, go read her take on it. Or, you can head on over to the Lead Pastor’s blog, Pete Hise, and ask him.

I’ll tell you right now, it’s not my kind of worshiping community, but a cult?