King James Version Onlyism – The Paper what will Change the Course of History

So this post was originally the paper – but now it is in this book:


Why I continue to laugh at “Debunking Christianity”

Because, they have no clue about Christianity. They are the exact same as Christian fundamentalists, believing in the same god (besides themselves). If Dr. Ruckman makes more sense than his enemies (as noted at end of the video), it’s only because his enemies are Christians! (Even atheists can learn something about the Bible and Christianity with Dr. Ruckman!). via Debunking Christianity: Bible Believing Fundamentalist Dr. Peter Ruckman, PhD Lectures on the Bible. That’s right Henry… keep believing that Peter Ruckman knows anything about Scripture and Christianity. That’s more than likely why you are an atheist. I would imagine that

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Doug Kutilek: "Roots" of the KJV Controversy

Robert Dick Wilson, the great Princeton Seminary Old Testament Scholar who died in 1930, was well-practiced in exposing and refuting error in matters of Biblical studies. In one of his writings, he insisted on the importance of tracing every error back to its original source. His research had convinced him that almost invariably any commonly-held but false view could be traced back to a single writer, and that this error had become widespread, not because other writers had independently investigated the same evidence and arrived at the same conclusions, but merely because other writers were lazy and simply parroted

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KJVO – Pt 1, Sam Gipps and the Apocrypha

A few years ago I left the KJVO (King James Version Only) when their scholarship could not stand the test. Their doctrine was based on falsehoods and promoted by inept men and women who themselves promoted erroneous knowledge of very late Tradition. Upon closer examination, the KJVO doctrine falls to pieces. One of it’s proponents is a man by the name of Sam Gipp. (Peter Ruckman and Gail Riplinger are others). He claims to be a pastor and evangelist as well as claiming to be a staunch defender of the ‘perfect bible’. I view the King James Version like