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Shine TV: We need your money!

No.. its true.. we do..

Shine TV is a national TV station here in New Zealand, devoted to Christian content. We have a fairly unique way of presenting our stuff, and “the way we do it” is slow revolutionising the way Christian TV is done… United Christian Broadcasting, which sprang from the organisation that runs Shine, is responsible for uniting something like 30 countries and helping spread the message about Jesus via media of all kinds. Rhema Broadcasting is the first independant national Christian broadcaster in the world. We’ve been doing it for something like 30 years and are completely donation/subscriber supported.

Normally we only appeal to New Zealanders, but we now have people watching and listening to our content world wide through the internet. If you have a few dollars spare, please go here and slip us a few… We really do appreciate it, and it helps keep me and my american wife employed gainfully :P (and about 75 other staff).

We also are responsible for:

Radio Rhema


Southern Star Radio

The Word

Our mission statement is:

Vision Statement

To lift up the name of Jesus Christ and communicate the reality of a personal relationship with Him to the people of New Zealand, through Christian broadcasting, as part of the Body of Christ for the glory of God.

Mission Statement

  • To promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To operate broadcasting networks in New Zealand
  • To promote Biblical values, such as righteousness, justice and mercy
  • To encourage, exhort and challenge through music and other programming
  • To educate, inform and entertain for the promotion of well-being amongst New Zealanders
  • To expand the networks to effectively reach the people of New Zealand
  • To explore new avenues for Christian programming and/or broadcasting
 Please watch our stream, or listen to the radio online, andif you like it.. one of my dollars is 80 cents US.. so your money goes a long way for us..
(in case you are wondering, I am an IT engineer here)
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Another Earthquake in New Zealand

A magnitude 5.5 tremor rattled the quake-prone New Zealand city of Christchurch on Monday, sending people fleeing from buildings, and boulders tumbling down hillsides.

via Powerful quake rattles New Zealand city | Reuters.

That city has had it rough the last few months, and it seems it is getting no better.

The Shortland Street coffee mug

Shortland Street is a New Zealand soap opera, and is near to the worst program I have seen on television. Only the British soap opera EastEnders would beat it to the bottom. Last week, the writers of Shortland Street were discussing the latest goings-on in the Street while having coffee, when one of them noticed a familiar figure in the froth in the bottom of her mug. It was the Virgin Mary. One of the writers told TVNZ:

Everyone has reacted the same really. People come in disbelieving – they walk over and have a look and then they are like ‘oh my god, it really does look like her’.

So they are selling the mug on eBay with the money going to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. At least it is for a worthy cause.
Virgin Mary seen in Shortland Street mug | TVNZ
Blessed Virgin Mary Appears in Coffee Cup | eBay

Prayers for the People of New Zealand

Satellite image showing Christchurch and surro...
Image via Wikipedia

I woke up this morning to see the reports of 65 people dead in the small country of New Zealand. I can safely say that I have friends there, although not in Christchurch as far as I know.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch Tuesday, killing dozens, collapsing buildings and cracking streets.

New Zealand’s 3 News television station said that by 10:30 p.m. Tuesday local time (4:30 a.m. ET) that there were reports of at least 125 people being rescued.

However, it added that Mayor Bob Parker estimated that more than 100 people were still trapped at six different locations with possibly more in individual homes. Parker said earlier that he had been “thrown quite a distance” by the quake.


“We may well be witnessing New Zealand’s darkest day…The death toll I have at the moment is 65 and that may rise,” Key told local TV. “It’s hard to describe. What was a vibrant city a few hours ago has been brought to its knees.” (here)

Keep them in your prayers today, and indeed, people the world over who are suffering tragedy.

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I told you that New Zealanders were out of this world (crazy)

Lenticular cloud
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Could New Zealand become a new hot spot for close encounters?

Just days after New Zealand authorities released 2,000 pages of previously classified UFO X-Files, mysterious lights were spotted over three locations.

New Zealand’s stuff.co.nz news service reports that on Sunday, Boxing Day in that country, unexplained orange and red lights appeared above Napier, Taranaki and Christchurch.

UFOs Buzz New Zealand After X-Files Release.

Odd? Crazy? Nope – just normal for the land of the hobbits.

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Todd Bentley to head Down Under

Todd Bentley is planning a trip to Australia and New Zealand.


Do I hate Americans?

Well, the simple answer is no.

I dont live in the USA, never have, but I am married to an American. However, an American friend recently asked me (and a few other non-americans) why we hated her. My wife also, for the first few years in NZ, asked me why I hated her too.

Well, the simple answer “its all about you huh?”. I dont hate “any” American in particular, that would just be insane. What I do hate is the institution, “America” – or rather, what it has become. I hate that your culture pervades our media, that your way of doing business has had to become our way of doing business, that your values have had to become our values, that your wars have become our wars, etc etc.

I once worked for a state owned enterprise in NZ (The New Zealand Post Office – as a telecommunications engineer – the NZPO didn’t just do mail, but all forms of communication), which was put up for sale and bought by an American conglomerate. Immediately our working conditions changed to reflect the “american way”. The company culture was completely reversed and munted. It was once a company you could have a career in, and it became just a nightmare. When I started there in 1984, I was “Geoff”, then I left in 1998 I left as “Employee 177714″. I lost my Superannuation fund, I was cheated out of most of my redundancy payment, and a bunch of other things.

It was at this time I started to reflect on just what American “culture” was doing to the world, and now we can see just how this has screwed over not only my country, but most of the western world.

I’m reading Isaac Asimov‘s book; “Foundation” – its excellent reading and quite prophetic of the state of the USA. In this book Hari Seldon uses a branch of maths (yes, this is the correct spelling) called “psychohistory” to determine that the current Empire will crumble within 500 years. The reason suggested is that the empire has become so dependent on the rest of the universe for its food, etc – all it can do is govern, and buys in everything it needs, and has become a brittle shell. If the planet Trantor (the central governing planet of the Empire) was besieged, then the Empire would crumble and send the universe into many millennium of chaos. So the Emperor is left to do anything he can to try and protect his empire by snuffing out rebellions ASAP and making sure everyone follows the empire “party line”.

Anyone see any correlation with the USA?

Now, see, I have no problem with any American, I married one. Amerians in general appear to me to be friendly, helpful, generous people. But I do have a problem with AmericA <–

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