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Creation Museum to be Protested

The Smithsonian Institute, by L. Cudlip
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San Diego New Atheists and Agnostics (SDNA), a Web-based organization of over 700 members, plans a demonstration against the Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee on September 24. That’s the same date when the Museum plans to participate in a nationwide “Museum Day” organized by the Smithsonian Institute, as ECM previously reported.

The Museum, which teaches creationism beliefs contrary to Darwin’s theory of evolution, has touted its Museum Day activities to include such attractions as dinosaur gardens, a human anatomy exhibit, creepy crawly reptile encounter, animal balloons, face painting, and guest speakers including a geologist and biologist.

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Okay, first, they shouldn’t be participating in a real Museum Day. Second, the idea that people still believe in Darwin is silly and shows either bad reporting or bad propaganda on the part of the Atheists. Third, the Atheists and Agnostics would get upset if Christians did the same thing to them.

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