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Review A Blogger Meme – You are Tagged

I reckon I started something by accident. And someone else has followed. Well, Dr. McGrath has commanded a meme.

And so here is the assignment of anyone reading this (you’ve been tagged!): review another blogger. Not their blog, not their publications, but the person. It can be humorous, serious, surreal – whatever you think appropriate. The one other rule is not to scar the person in question for life.

Who will you review?

Christian Haiku Meme

Peter has tagged me, so being the extravagant poetry master, here we go –

The Wisdom Books Lack,
Solomon’s Canon, Sirach
Bye Christology!

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Ten Random Beliefs Meme

Jeremy has tagged me: The rules appear to be pretty simply. Ten random beliefs. Here they go –

  1. I believe that blogging is the communicator’s choice for the future
  2. I believe that Twitter may already be dead
  3. I believe that a good cook adds love to the composition, over wise, it stinks.
  4. I believe that many of the -ism’s (racism, etc..) equate to theft, if not murder
  5. I believe that we can find the answer to all of the worlds moral problems in the bible
  6. I believe that the Left Behind Series should be required reading for insomniacs and criminals
  7. I believe that a husband should still open the door for his wife
  8. I believe that Firefly was perhaps the greatest TV show in history that that Fox is doomed for canceling it
  9. I believe that those who harm, or those who allow harm to befall, children deserve the worse punishments
  10. I believe that memes should united the blogging world under my control – Joel-ination.

Who to tag…who to tag…

Bitsy, Peter, and TC.