Review A Blogger Meme – You are Tagged

I reckon I started something by accident. And someone else has followed. Well, Dr. McGrath has commanded a meme. And so here is the assignment of anyone reading this (you’ve been tagged!): review another blogger. Not their blog, not their publications, but the person. It can be humorous, serious, surreal – whatever you think appropriate. The one other rule is not to scar the person in question for life. Who will you review?

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Grammar Meme

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Christian Haiku Meme

Peter has tagged me, so being the extravagant poetry master, here we go – The Wisdom Books Lack, Solomon’s Canon, Sirach Bye Christology!


Ten Random Beliefs Meme

Jeremy has tagged me: The rules appear to be pretty simply. Ten random beliefs. Here they go – I believe that blogging is the communicator’s choice for the future I believe that Twitter may already be dead I believe that a good cook adds love to the composition, over wise, it stinks. I believe that many of the -ism’s (racism, etc..) equate to theft, if not murder I believe that we can find the answer to all of the worlds moral problems in the bible I believe that the Left Behind Series should be required reading for insomniacs and

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Recipe Meme

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Top 3 Bible Movies (and 1 I Wish Was Made)

I’ve been tagged by Matt, so here it goes: First off, One Night with the King: It does change a bit of the overall narrative, but over all presents a very good rendition of the story as I remember from my early years. Next up, The Passion of the Christ, My family and I watch then on Easter-eve, and it’s a delight to watch my daughter attempt to repeat the Aramiac. It is rather sectarian at points, but I believe it is the best movie of the Crucifixion made to date. I believe that the trial, scourging, and the

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Canon within a Canon (Meme, anyone?)

Last week, John Anderson wrote about his canon within a canon. He writes, Brevard Childs has argued that the process of canonization allowed for a certain ‘leveling,’ a general equality as it concerns the various books of the Bible.  Obadiah is just as authoritative as the gospel of Matthew, and Genesis just as seminal as Philemon.  While I do think there is great merit in such a view–quite a Jewish view, no less, as the Jewish Midrashim affirm just such an equality, using one text to interpret another–none of us is an entirely disinterested interpreter.  We all have our own