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Review A Blogger Meme – You are Tagged

I reckon I started something by accident. And someone else has followed. Well, Dr. McGrath has commanded a meme.

And so here is the assignment of anyone reading this (you’ve been tagged!): review another blogger. Not their blog, not their publications, but the person. It can be humorous, serious, surreal – whatever you think appropriate. The one other rule is not to scar the person in question for life.

Who will you review?

Grammar Meme

Tim has tagged me with –

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Christian Haiku Meme

Peter has tagged me, so being the extravagant poetry master, here we go –

The Wisdom Books Lack,
Solomon’s Canon, Sirach
Bye Christology!

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Ten Random Beliefs Meme

Jeremy has tagged me: The rules appear to be pretty simply. Ten random beliefs. Here they go –

  1. I believe that blogging is the communicator’s choice for the future
  2. I believe that Twitter may already be dead
  3. I believe that a good cook adds love to the composition, over wise, it stinks.
  4. I believe that many of the -ism’s (racism, etc..) equate to theft, if not murder
  5. I believe that we can find the answer to all of the worlds moral problems in the bible
  6. I believe that the Left Behind Series should be required reading for insomniacs and criminals
  7. I believe that a husband should still open the door for his wife
  8. I believe that Firefly was perhaps the greatest TV show in history that that Fox is doomed for canceling it
  9. I believe that those who harm, or those who allow harm to befall, children deserve the worse punishments
  10. I believe that memes should united the blogging world under my control – Joel-ination.

Who to tag…who to tag…

Bitsy, Peter, and TC.

Recipe Meme

Bitsy as tagged me:

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