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The Right Reverend Stephen Colbert and Lawrence Krauss


Philosophically, Nothing doesn’t exist.

Lawrence M. Krauss, a well-known cosmologist and prolific popular-science writer, apparently means to announce to the world, in this new book, that the laws of quantum mechanics have in them the makings of a thoroughly scientific and adamantly secular explanation of why there is something rather than nothing. Period. Case closed. End of story. I kid you not. Look at the subtitle. Look at how Richard Dawkins sums it up in his afterword: “Even the last remaining trump card of the theologian, ‘Why is there something rather than nothing?,’ shrivels up before your eyes as you read these pages. If ‘On the Origin of Species’ was biology’s deadliest blow to super­naturalism, we may come to see ‘A Universe From Nothing’ as the equivalent from cosmology. The title means exactly what it says. And what it says is ­devastating.”

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Nothing has implied properties. Quantum laws have implied properties. Further, nothing has actual properties. Then, there is in fact, no nothing.

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‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009

Two things: First, there is some rather colorful language at the beginning and throughout regarding religion, sorta. Second, this is in response to a previous post about theologies of creation. I like the multi-sided view. So there.

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