Old Testament

What is really all that Special about Israel?

Image via Wikipedia Both books that I am reading (here and here) made mention of this particular verse, which for the life of me, and my (re)reading of Amos time and time again, I never noticed: “Are you not as the sons of Ethiopia to Me, O sons of Israel?” declares the LORD. “Have I not brought up Israel from the land of Egypt, And the Philistines from Caphtor and the Arameans from Kir? Amos 9:7 NASB “Are you Israelites more important to me than the Ethiopians? ” asks the LORD. “I brought Israel out of Egypt, but I

Religion and Politics

Richard T. Hughes takes on The Christian Right in Context

Image via Wikipedia I’m simply not going to post every article that he writes in this series, although admittedly, Christian America and the Kingdom of God radically changed my viewpoint on how to approach terrorism and what it might mean to actually be a Christian country. This week, he is posting a series of essays which looks at the Christian Right, in context. Thirty-five years ago, in a time that seems like ancient history to most young people today, the eminent social critic Robert N. Bellah wrote a book that illumines the current American crisis with devastating precision. I


2nd Clement on the Coming of God’s Kingdom

In today’s world, there are elements of ‘Christianity’ which believe that through violence of some sort, they can bring on the Kingdom of Christ. Whether through the violence of election which mandates conversion or through some terrorist act which consumes the Dome of the Rock, thereby paving the way for a Third Temple, people believe that these things will bring about the Second Coming of Christ. Yet, this dominionism is not prevalent in the earliest Christian writers. 2nd Clement, one of the earliest post-NT sermons, preached that the kingdom of God will come when there is equality… Let us

Theresa Phillips: Urging of a Christian Revolution

Is it me, or is it that since the election of President Obama the New Apostolic Reformation has become trigger happy? Theresa Phillips, courtesy of the Elijah List, has given a ‘word’ which tells us that God is going to physically take over a earthly kingdoms. Advance and Subdue Kingdoms It is within the power of a King to set forth decrees and rule in the land and protect His subjects. The Government of this Kingdom is being loosed into the earth (tangibly) to move forth His realm. Revelation of a mighty Kingdom is being captivated by the hearts

Seven Mountains – The Dominion Process, pt 1

This will be a multi-part series examining the Dominion Process and the Seven Mountain Mandate. Mark Pfiefer writes the following: Dominion Eschatology is the examination of future events through the lens of the dominion mandate in Genesis 1:28 and in Matthew 28:19-20. It assumes the influence of the church will increase on earth until Jesus returns.  This view stands against some opposing views which see the influence of the church waning in the last days. It does not intend to imply absolute dominion, as in a sinless earth, but a preparatory dominion, as in the earth being prepared for

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Kim Clement: "America the Resilient will be Brought Back to Its Original Form"

Kim Clement is one of the false prophets of the Joel’s Army/Dominionism/New Apostolic Reformation movement that is trying to obtain political power. In the link below, you will find other ‘prophecies’, equally false, however, I have chosen this one to comment on. via The ElijahList – Prophetic Words and Prophecies “America Will Be Brought Back to Its Original Form” I want you to know tonight you have gathered because I know that America is at a place now where it needs a prophetic word, and it needs the prophets to speak what God wants them to know. We are

Abortion / Society and Religion

Minnesota Report issues short guide to Sarah Palin's connection with Joel's Army

Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. » God’s Army: A short guide to Sarah Palin’s extreme religious worldview. Media coverage of Sarah Palin during the run-up to her debate with Democratic counterpart Joe Biden has focused increasingly on her apparent ignorance in matters of policy and public affairs, and understandably so. But it’s an open question whether all the things Sarah Palin doesn’t know are really more disturbing than the things Palin believes she does know as a function of her religious faith — a militant (and, where real-world politics are concerned, militaristic) evangelical creed that sees it as the