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@CandidaMoss shows up the @OReillyFactor for what he is

The video speaks for itself, really — however, if you need another’s opinion, go here. There, in a few words, so many things wrong with Bill’s POV here, but Dr. Moss does a better job at attempting to get him to understand that any of us could. A fantastic job!

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“Jesus didn’t die for our W2s” – @candidamoss on #killingjesus

Sometimes O’Reilly includes two versions of the same story so that Jesus repeats the same action or says the same thing twice. In this book, Jesus overturned the moneychanger tables twice, for example. He really doesn’t like bureaucrats. On other occasions O’Reilly picks one particular Gospel (usually the longest version, rather than the earliest) and we never find out why. via The Gospel According to Bill O’Reilly – The Daily Beast. Go, go and read.


Bill O’Reilly’s #killingjesus to be added to the canon

The Fox News anchor explains in an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” that one night he awoke with the title of the book in his head. He says he believes he got that message from the Holy Spirit. via Bill O’Reilly: God Told Me To Write About Jesus. I mean, that is how it works, right? You are told by God to write this down, take a little note, and then you are considered inspired, maybe inerrant, and you get a slot in the canon? The book is rubbish. Related articles Review of Killing Jesus: A History #killingjesus (

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Bill O’Reilly and killing science #killingjesus

Aaron Adair, the author of The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View, takes issue with Bill and Martin’s take on the Star of Bethlehem, among other issues… See his review here: Bill O’Reilly is #killingjesus Scholarship–A Short Review | Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars.


#killingjesus Chapters 12-21: I’m sorry

Chapter 12 begins with the promise Jesus has but 6 days to live, appearing to use Luke as the primary source here, as the disciples pick only one colt, unlike the number of authors of this book. It is possible they are using C.S. Lewis (which brings to mind that maybe the source of this book is not the Canon, but the Narnia tales) and his problematic dilemma about the mental state of Jesus. Our 13th chapter begins with Jewish and Roman leaders looking for potential problems during Passover (I swear, I think I’ve seen this movie before). The


#KillingJesus Chapters 8-11 – Anachronisms

Chapter 8 begins with the authors again dangling a carrot before us. There is a small amount of historical truth regarding the scene we think is familiar. I mean, people did go to the Temple during Passover. This time, instead of Luke, the authors decide to begin with John’s Gospel wherein the s0-called cleansing of the Temple takes place at the beginning of the Gospel. The authors, ignoring everything else in John and the Synoptics, call this the beginning of Jesus’s ministry — rather than the wedding feast in Capernaum. The picture of Jesus is, the authors assure us,


#killingjesus – Chapters 6-7 – Liberals Die and Go to Hell

Did you know John the Baptizer proclaimed in his message “this Christ… will punish you in the more horrible manner possible?” This is the claim of the authors as they open chapter 6. Indeed, and that the real reason the tax collectors were despised is because they were “diverting Jewish money to a pagan king in Rome.” The authors are once again sitting in Luke’s Gospel while they tell their story. Because of this literary place, it is rather odd when John orders his attendees to confess their sins rather than what Luke has John say — if you