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JB at The White Report has posted two new articles on the Christian Identity Movement. They are dated, but due to a recent rise of inane comments on Twitter, Facebook, etc… the ideas of this group seem to be spreading. Anyway, the articles are here and here. Although the Christian Identity movement is outside the mainstream of Christianity, it does serve as an affront to Christianity. It bothers me, quickly, when someone comes preaching that garbage on this site, and it gets my temper rising fast. If you visit the comments on the posts about Arnold Murray, you will

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Arnold Murray: Secret Identity Secret Identity. It’s a long way to go to church, especially for a congregation used to watching its pastor on television. But the flock of Shepherd’s Chapel is like no other. Twice a year, almost 4,000 of its members will fly or drive from points across the country to this Ozarks tourist destination, best known for the neon kitsch and wholesome family entertainment of the Highway 76 Country Music Boulevard, to see Pastor Arnold Murray, host of the long-running TV Bible study program, “Shepherd’s Chapel. The strapping, 6-foot-4-inch octogenarian, known as “The Sarge” to his followers, has gained