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Did Bill Nye Win? Did Ken Ham destroy science or Christianity?

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I must admit, I didn’t watch much, but followed it on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve read several takes on it, as well as some transcripts. In the end, Nye comes off looking like a scientist who respects his field and allows for others to hold religious/spiritual beliefs. Nye did not provide any ammunition to the New Atheists crowd who often times trumpet the belief science and religion are irreconcilable. Oddly enough, Ham comes off looking more like a New Atheists and a toddler than Nye did.

For a really, really good play by play, see here:

Bill Nye Ken Ham Debate In Depth Recap Synopsis and Who Won.

Essentially, those of us who said Ham could refer to nothing but “the bible” were proved correct. He has no evidence, no theories, but can only appeal either to himself or those (even scientists) who support him. The very few scientists who maintain a poor theological reading of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2-3. Ham’s argument puts the ph in logical fallacy.

found on reddit

There are plenty of different reactions and play-by-plays as well. Even Albert Mohler, a YECer himself, has weighed in. I suspect his response was mostly written pre-game since it doesn’t really fit the facts. In the end, it comes down to this: your guy won. No seriously, that guy you know was going to win won because that other guy was clearly not speaking the truth and denied facts, the very same facts you already knew to be true. You won last night and the other side looks pitiful.

In my opinion, I thought Nye held up well, much better than expected. Ham showed why presuppositional apologetics is so minding-blowing stupid that only a complete and utter faithless soul could believe it and be forced to rely upon it. Unfortunately, Nye is not a theologian (neither is Ham) and missed several chances to correct Ham on his First Church of the Faith House of Cards. Nye could have presented a better understanding of the Gospel had he known just a bit about theology. Of course, when you come to discuss science, you believe you are going to discuss actual science and not Ham’s intellectual poverty.

The next debate should be between Ham and John Walton. Of course, Ham would look just as silly but hey, his supporters would still think he won.

So, again, congrats. Your guy won.

BTW, the Christian Post has a poll. Looks like Nye is winning handedly. Must be time for the Rapture.

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Games for the Ham-On-Nye debate tonight

Game 1



Game 2:

A drinking game…

Every time Ham says the phrase “the bible says” drink.

If Nye rolls his eyes, drink.

You will be passed out within the first ten minutes.

Ken Ham, idolator and mythicist

Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

He begins by quoting John 1.1 in the NKJV. Not the Greek, but a translation. As such, he writes,

In this verse, the Greek word logos is translated “word.” There is much that could be said about the word’s deep meaning in regard to Jesus being the Word, the Creator who spoke the universe and life into existence (Colossians 1).

via Should BioLogos Be Called “ContraLogos” Instead? | Around the World with Ken Ham.

From there, he only gets worse. His argument, all of his arguments really, are based on a translation and not on what the theological emphasis behind what the word/sentence/linguistic image may mean. For instance, is John pulling the Logos imagery from Wisdom of Solomon 18 or from Philo who pulled it from Heraclitus? Not that Wisdom may be different from Philo, if you interpret Proverbs 8 (and Wisdom 7) in light of the Alexandrian Logos.


He then goes on to associate Jesus Christ with Scripture. This is a common doctrinal idolization found in fundamentalist sects. They do not understand Scripture except as a form of Jesus. Rather, as one minister once told me, Jesus is Scripture in the flesh.


Such compromise, however, undermines the authority of the Word and is dangerous to the health of the church. In reality, an attack on the Word of God is an attack on Jesus Christ, who is the Word.

Scripture is not the word of God. It does not claim to be. It contains prophecies and message from God, but the only thing writers called other writings now included in our canon is something along the lines of “holy writings.” Note, not only all of their holy writings made it into our canon.


As discussed on Facebook with someone over this past week, Ham has a nasty habit of reading everything the same way – woodenly, which is why when he says evolutionists call Genesis 1-11 “incorrect” he is committing a grave error, almost a lie. He can see no difference in nuance. Rather, I would maintain Genesis 1-11 is classic ANE myth, a theologized account. Ham shows himself to be the theological liberal that he is, taking only his experience (what scripture says to him) as the validator of what Scripture is. He is his own authority.


In one blog post, Ham as revealed himself to be an 1.) idolator who worships the creature (a book) more than the Creator, 2.) a liberal who proclaims his own authority, and possibly 3.) a mythicist who doesn’t believe Jesus is anything more than a story.


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If for no other reason, watch Noah because of @AiGKenHam’s freakout

This is the trailer:

Ham is characteristically freaking out – almost as much as the Dagon worshipers in one of those books of Daniel. Oddly enough he calls out the Jews for his support, although he doesn’t really understand much about Second Temple interpretation of Noah from the Jewish perspective nor even modern rabbinical commentary. This is apparent because he like wise misses the material, at least in the trailer in his preview (of a movie he hasn’t seen), present from the pseudepigrapha.

Reading Ham makes this movie that much more seeable.

Quote of the Day – Bryan Bibb

If people really knew the Bible, con-men like Joel Osteen and Ken Ham would be out of business. – Bryan Bibb

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