There is more to IHOP and Mike Bickle than bad eschatology

Dr. Witherington has a post up on an article which ran over the weekend in the New York Times regarding the International House of Prayer. Dr. Witherington notes the bad theology, bad eschatology, and the rampant emotionalism which is normally attached to IHOP. What he doesn’t note is the authoritarianism often reported by those who have worked with Bickle and the Bunch: Founded 12 years ago by Mike Bickle, a self-trained evangelical pastor, with a group of 20, the International House of Prayer, in a former strip mall, now draws tens of thousands of worshipers to its revival meetings.

Mike Bickle and IHOP Plays Down Cult Status

The word ‘cult’ gets tossed around freely these days, like ‘Nazi’, or Christian, but what is going on at IHOP is troublesome to say the very least:

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The Vindication of E. Gruen and the Truth about IHOP

Recently, I found a site that is most helpful when dealing with what is collectively called the ‘Kansas City Prophet.’ The author, from that I gather, recently saw his own congregation split, with half going to IHOP (International House of Prayer) under the leadership of Mike Bickle. I think that it is important to showcase other blogs that are taking up the fight against these false prophets. If you click the link above, you will find an intereaction between the blog owners and the author of a report made by one E. Gruen concerning the Kansas City Prophets. It

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Parents of dead baby were IHOP members

This is a tragic update: Over the weekend, I read the Kansas City Star story about the parents of Jeremiah Candler, the 4-month-old baby who starved to death in mid-November. The Jackson County Medical Examiner ruled the baby’s death a homicide, and the baby’s parents, Nick and Rebecca Candler (pictured), were charged with their son’s death. But I was struck by the Star’s mention of the couple’s “blog.” I found it, but it’s more Web site than blog. The Candlers’ call it and say the site is their “Official Ministry Site.” Under the heading “Our Love Story,” the

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Rick Joyner – Satanist]

The Local Pastor, who has produced a lot of these great videos, relates to us that in Rick’s book, The Final Quest, the false Apostle Claims, To have eaten from the Tree of Life Jesus is an angel named ‘Wisdom’ To have spoken to the deceased A Civil War in the Church To have more power than the Apostles To have received the Apostle Paul’s ‘mantle’ Friends, don’t buy what Rick is selling. His incantations are meant only to bring about the darkness inside, and subscribes to some heinous theories, associating himself with the most foul of reprobates, such


False Prophets Galore: Paul Cain, R. T. Kendell, and Friends – From Kansas to England

In late summer of 1990, the late John Wimber brought the Kansas City Prophets to Great Britain for a series of hyped-up meetings at London’s Docklands Arena. The agenda included Mike Bickel, who in direct defiance to the plain teaching of the Word of God, voiced the opinion shared by false prophet Rick Joyner “that a prophet can be partly right and partly wrong in what he predicts”. This of course runs contrary of the biblical criteria of a true prophet in Deuteronomy 18. Among others, Rick Joyner, Bickel himself, Gerald Coates, Cindy Jacobs, Juanita Bynum, and Benny Hinn,

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Shawn Bolz, Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner – The Upcoming 'Civil War' in the Church?

Shawn Bolz at the Elijah List has something that he is selling that caught my eye. He said, Bill Johnson says “The Civil War about to break out in the Church is about the goodness of the Love of God.” I have no idea why Shawn is quoting Bill Johnson, but you have to admit that the idea of a ‘civil war’ in the Church is eye catching. Anyone with a little bit of history and political science will tell you that the horrible bloodshed in the 1860’s here in the colonies States was not a ‘civil war.’ A