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The Dignity of Labor and the Rest of God (Repost)

Originally from here, WEBCommentary(tm) – The Dignity of Labor and the Rest of God. But, I think it has moved… To the Coal Miners, to the Steel Workers, to the stay at home mothers, to the workers who labour…God bless you. Monday, September 1 is Labor Day in America. Labor Day is that special day when recognition is given to the millions who make up the nation’s working force. It’s a day of recreation, citywide parades, end of summer barbeques and political speeches. For some it will be just an extra day to relax quietly at home. Both work

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Thoughts on Labor Day 2009 (repost 2012(

For those who believe that the Bible does not contain thoughts on social justice, has never read it. (Read Amos). I spent three years with the coal mining union as their community organizer, meeting pastors and other ministers in a bid to attain a more fair system of organizing – and I have come to appreciate Labor Day.

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Letter from a Birmingham Jail – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

I believe that the man who gave a good fight for the cause of justice should be honored, so in honor Martin Luther King, Jr, Day I thought that I might post one of his most famous works. I grew up in the Deep South where any one celebrating this day was shunned. It was politely called ‘Human Resources Day’ in the Parish where I lived (Louisiana) and impolitely, well, I will not write that here, you understand. I am white and in my early thirties – I cannot pretend to know the paths that Dr. King and others


Vatican II’s Message to the Poor, the Sick, and the Suffering

Vatican Council II Message to the Poor, the Sick, and the Suffering (trans. Walter Abbott; ©America press,1966) “He took away our infirmities and bore our diseases.” To all of you, brothers in trial, who are visited by under a thousand forms, the Council has a very special message. It feels fixed on itself your pleading eyes, burning with fever or hollow with fatigue, questioning eyes which search in vain for the why of human suffering and which ask anxiously when and whence will come relief. Very dear brothers, we feel echoing deeply within our hearts as fathers and pastors

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Southern Baptists Call for Legal Status Pathway for Immigrants

Messengers have adopted a much-debated revolution on immigration that asks “our governing authorities to implement, with the borders secured, a just and compassionate path to legal status, with appropriate restitutionary measures, for those undocumented immigrants already living in our country.” That language was the source of controversy in the morning, when a ballot vote was taken on whether or not to strike it. In the end, messengers kept it in the resolution by a vote of 51.31 percent (766) to 48.43 percent (723). The resolution, though, was amended to state that “this resolution is not to be construed as


A Processing of Justice?

I’m new to Process Theology – not sure I like much of it, but maybe I like some of it. Pastor Bob shares an essay by Bruce Epperly dealing with Process Theology and moving towards justice with punishment. In part, I quote: Process theology would oppose the identification of God’s will with natural disasters.  While we may limit the nature of God’s presence and the effectiveness of God’s actions in our lives by our actions and values, God still seeks the “best [possibility] for that impasse.”  Our turning away from God has consequences in terms of personal and community

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I Agree with Albert Mohler about Justice

The death of bin Laden was fully justified as an act of war, but not as an act of justice. The removal of a credible threat to human life — a clear and present danger to human safety — is fully justified, especially after such an individual has demonstrated not only the will but the means to effect murder on a massive scale. …. And yet, there are two troubling aspects that linger. The first is the open celebration in the streets. While we should all be glad that this significant threat is now removed, death in itself is