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The Biblical Studies Carnival LVIII at כל־האדם

And, Joseph picks up two of mine!!!

Anyway, a great carnival at –

The Biblical Studies Carnival LVIII « כל־האדם.

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The Really Awesome Pseudepigrapha Read Along

Joseph Kelly has done us a real service by creating a read along calender for the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, something that serious students, as Kelly notes, should read.

Those who want to take the study of the Bible seriously will not limit their reading to the Bible alone. The Bible was not written in a vacuum but within historical and cultural contexts that contributed to its shape and content. By reading about this period of history and the cultures within it, the student learns much about the Bible that cannot be learned from reading the Bible alone. The best source material for learning about the contexts that informed and shaped the writing of the Bible is the literature that was written around the same time, by the same or similar cultures, and/or within the stream of tradition to which the Bible belongs.

Anyway, find the calender here:

The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Calendar-in-a-Year « כל־האדם.

I’ve really got to these volumes