For all time’s sake: John Piper’s latest tweet stupidity

He pulled it down, but you know what… he’s still the south end of a northbound horse. Since he took the tweet down, I decided to leave the tweet before and after to show where it was.

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To the Marginalized of the Southern Baptist Convention… #the15

During the 1970’s and early 80’s, there was a huge fight in the Southern Baptist Convention over the direction of the denomination. The conservatives of the denomination were successful in marginalizing liberals, moderates, women, and others who did not preach “the real Gospel.” Today, the Southern Baptist Convention is virtually led by the Rev. Dr. Albert Mohler, the arch-fundamentalist who is a Calvinist — who has no regard for Arminianism, ecumenical relationships, and constantly teaches women are second class in the Church. They got rid of anyone who did not agree with their new philosophy and their new gospel. Over

United Methodist Church

Can John Piper teach the #UMC something about gay marriage?

In one of the UMC fb groups, someone asked a question about how we can handle now-legal marriages that are forbidden by the Book of Discipline. Indeed, the UMC prevents clergy from officiating these (gay) marriages (although there is a proposed, sort of, plan to deal with that) and our BoD equally states that such things are against Christian teaching, although we affirm the sacred worth of these individuals. But, gay marriage is growing. It is a reality. And, these couples may even want to attend a United Methodist church. So, how do we handle this? As much as


Um, @johnpiper calls out @pastormark and @tyndalehouse over plagiarism


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Quote of the Day @JasonEVickers

I don’t always agree with Vickers but when I do, he is hammering the megastars of irrelevancy.

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The Greatness of Christianity

Ignatius of Antioch, in writing to the church in Rome, concludes a passage with the thought, “Christianity is greatest when it is hated by the World.” There are a few ways to look at this, I guess. The first, is through the lens of the self-proclaimed martyr who believed that only through his death could he be ‘proved a Christian.’ The second is through what some may label empire critical and the such. By this, I mean we understand Christianity as the other kingdom, opposing the World System. In this case, like much of the New Testament, World =


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