I don’t think John Loftus knows how to read

John, in his use berating and disgusting tone, has weighed in to say, one more time, that he has quit. Yup. This time, he’s really done because no one listens to him. Oh, and as he was moving out the door, he put another lie on the table:  Joel is so ignorant he doesn’t even realize his Christianity is different than the Christianities of the past because of the attacks of the skeptics. Let’s see… at least one time, and on the very post John links to, I’ve said, Now, for me, I’ve seen Christianity grow, and count the New Atheists


John Loftus, Quitter

Our good friend, John Loftus, has declared that since he had made no head way in his war on Christianity, he is packing it in. Bully for him. Of course, he says that he is just tired of kicking a dead horse, although it seems that atheism is the dead horse. You know, I don’t mind people going against the flow – as a matter of fact, I suggest it – but when no one listens to you, you may wish to reconsider your position. I mean, if you are only attracting people like you, then you may in


John Loftus v. Jim West 2011

So, Jim posted something this morning calling for the death of atheists everywhere, including but limited to the practical ones. He described in minute detail the methods of torture he would use for a confession and do so with the intent that the revolution against our secularist overlords start sometime this evening. Or, rather, that seems to be the version that I pick up from Loftus. Before actually thinking that he should have read the tags and ignored Jim, he attacked Jim personally. Tom has waded in, noting, When Loftus put out his collection ‘The Christian Delusion’ and Dawkin’s


John, for every Osama Bin Laden, there are the 300 members of Christ Church

Tim brought this to my attention today. John writes, Osama Bin Laden was probably a good man; sincere, devout and God fearing. But all it takes to make good people do evil is religion. Keep that in mind. That is the lesson of his life. He was deluded in the same way as other believers. Some delusions cause more harm than others though, and he caused a great deal of it. The problem is he will never know he was deluded. Neither will any of the rest of them. What a waste of a life. Debunking Christianity: Osama Bin

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Debunking John Loftus’ Response to the Death of Osama Bin Laden

Skilled rhetorician John Loftus deftly demonstrates1 how poor Osama bin Laden was simply the victim of religion, like the rest of the silly theists: Osama Bin Laden was probably a good man; sincere, devout and God fearing. What’s John’s definition of “good”? ‘Cause mine tends not to involve planning to fly planes into buildings and killing thousands of people (but that’s just me). THE ELABORATED – by Tim Ricchuiti – Debunking John Loftus. (Link as since died)


Sam Harris’ major blows against William Lane Craig *sic* At John Loftus‘ blog linked above, a guy raised these points as Sam Harris‘ “major blows”. ● But first: the definition of what is good and bad in the moral sense. Harris proposed to start as in science or math with a concept that is unprovable, yet everyone would agree. He said: consider the state of maximal suffering for everyone for all times. Everyone would agree that this state is bad. Now, we can define good which everyone agrees is the opposite, as the state of minimal suffering or the state of maximal well being for everyone for


Where in the world is John Loftus?

John wants us to believe that he was at the destruction of Sam Harris by William Craig, but where was he really? He was supporting Michele Bachmann’s destruction of the United States – which she was against but is now for. That’s right we now have certifiable proof that Atheism is supporting the Tea Party – that means, the Tea Party hates God. Shame, John… shame…