Bare Your Arm of Salvation, A Traditional Hanukkah Song – Repost 2012

This is a long standing repost. I hope to visit it later to clean it up, etc… Sundown approaches, darkness will cover the earth, and Hanukkah will being – it promises to be a bitterly cold night in some parts of the United States and moderately cool in Jerusalem. Here is song (and if you click the link at the bottom, it will take you to site to hear it sung in Hebrew) traditionally song, at least since the 13th century. The last stanza strikes me, for God has indeed shown us His arm But although He had done

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Supreme Irony: Iran leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ‘may be Jewish’

The man is a lunatic, and if he possessed the bomb, he would make Hitler and Nazi Germany look like a bump in the road: The Iranian leader who called for Israel to be “wiped off the face of the earth” may be Jewish, it is being claimed. Outspoken president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has denied the Holocaust. But his ID card shows his family name before it was changed was Sabourjian. It is of Jewish origin and means cloth weaver. (read the rest here)

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Madoff case brings out the bigots

NEW YORK – Of all the words that have been used to describe the Bernard L. Madoff scandal, the most emotionally charged may be “Jewish.” The disgraced investment guru is accused of orchestrating a $50 billion Ponzi scheme that preyed heavily on fellow Jews and ultimately drained the fortunes of numerous Jewish charities and institutions. There’s nothing new about con artists targeting their own kind. There’s even a word for it — affinity fraud — and it has struck numerous religious, ethnic and professional groups. But the allegations against Madoff are particularly wrenching for some in the Jewish community,

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NCC challenges Christian Zionism

DALLAS (BP)–The National Council of Churches has released a brochure castigating Christian Zionism as a dangerous movement that fosters fear and hatred of Muslims and non-Western Christians, as well as endangering peace in the Middle East. Jim Sibley, a Southern Baptist leader whose career has focused on Baptist-Jewish relations, set forth an opposite view in assessing the brochure: The NCC resorts to caricature and slander, particularly when accusing evangelicals of regarding Jewish people “as pawns in a cosmic drama of divine vengeance and retribution.” To fair, the Christian Zionist has declared that a real church would have the flag

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Israel considers question: ‘Who is a Jew?’

via Israel considers question: ‘Who is a Jew?’ JERUSALEM – Raised without religion in Maryland, Shannon sought to make a new life for herself as a Jew in Israel. In a rigorous conversion process, she studied religious law for a year, took a Hebrew name and changed her wardrobe to long skirts and sleeves as dictated by Orthodox Jewish custom. Finally, a panel of rabbis pronounced her Jewish. But five years later, she and some 40,000 like her have suddenly had their conversions annulled by Israel’s Rabbinical High Court. The court says the rabbi who heads a government authority

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Muslims Urinated Next to Torah Scrolls at Cave of Patriarchs

Muslims Urinated Next to Torah Scrolls at Cave of Patriarchs – Jewish World – Israel News – Arutz Sheva. How many of you think that if something like this had happened at the Dome of the Rock, Israel wouldn’t be in flames?

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Sarah Palin: Good for the Jews?

Sarah Palin: Good for the Jews?. Every four years we have to hear things like this from and about the candidates. I am posting things like this to perhaps start a discussion on the confusion of Church and State.