More on the Death of Bethany Deaton and connections to IHOP

When the news broke last week, a commentator on this blog said that the group had started in Texas and therefore the cult mentality could not be blamed in Mike Bickle and the bunch. Yet, there is more news. Tyler Deaton and his group was from Georgetown, Texas, a small town north of Austin and south of Waco. Do you want to take a guess as to what group has a location in this town? An International House of Prayer. On campus where were associated with IHOP. Birds of a feather. The cult mentality and heretical teachings of Mike


The International House of Prayer is the Depraved House of Satan

I’m channeling my inner-Jim West with that title. Years ago, I noted that IHOP had caused at least one death with their “fasting” schedule. They are nothing more than a cult, as I said them, and I strongly restate now. There more disturbing news coming out of Kansas City now… The statement said witnesses told detectives they were a part of a “religious community” where they had sex with each other. Witnesses told detectives Deaton’s husband, Tyler Deaton, was the leader. In the statement, Moore told detectives Bethany Deaton was being sexually assaulted by him, and several men at

There is more to IHOP and Mike Bickle than bad eschatology

Dr. Witherington has a post up on an article which ran over the weekend in the New York Times regarding the International House of Prayer. Dr. Witherington notes the bad theology, bad eschatology, and the rampant emotionalism which is normally attached to IHOP. What he doesn’t note is the authoritarianism often reported by those who have worked with Bickle and the Bunch: Founded 12 years ago by Mike Bickle, a self-trained evangelical pastor, with a group of 20, the International House of Prayer, in a former strip mall, now draws tens of thousands of worshipers to its revival meetings.

Mike Bickle and IHOP Plays Down Cult Status

The word ‘cult’ gets tossed around freely these days, like ‘Nazi’, or Christian, but what is going on at IHOP is troublesome to say the very least:


Eschatology of Mick Bickle of IHOP, Part 1

A commentator has asked for my own understanding on the eschatology proposed by Mike Bickle of the International House of Prayer. I will do this series in parts. The original can be found here. I have done minor editing for formatting purposes only. A. Eschatological: means pertaining to the End Times B. The coming eschatological revolution will be the most comprehensive revolution in human history and will involve the unique dynamics of the end of the age. This revolution will include Jesus coming back to earth to replace all the leadership on the earth that aligns with darkness. The

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Parents of dead baby were IHOP members

This is a tragic update: Over the weekend, I read the Kansas City Star story about the parents of Jeremiah Candler, the 4-month-old baby who starved to death in mid-November. The Jackson County Medical Examiner ruled the baby’s death a homicide, and the baby’s parents, Nick and Rebecca Candler (pictured), were charged with their son’s death. But I was struck by the Star’s mention of the couple’s “blog.” I found it, but it’s more Web site than blog. The Candlers’ call it and say the site is their “Official Ministry Site.” Under the heading “Our Love Story,” the

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Jeremiah Candler: Victim of International House of Prayer (IHOP)?]

There was some tragic news last week concerning the death of a 4month old baby boy in Kansas City, MO. KANSAS CITY (AP) – A 4-month-old boy’s death is one of the first three homicides recorded for Kansas City in the new year. The Kansas City Star reports that police said yesterday that the infant, Jeremiah Candler, died from starvation. The boy was pronounced dead after being taken to a hospital on Nov. 18. On Monday, police received a homicide ruling from the Jackson County medical examiner regarding the infant’s death. Police said Jeremiah weighed about 5 pounds at