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Why we can’t have nice things in the #UMC…Show me the mammon part 2.

This is Part II. Part I can be found here. Again, the same disclaimer as before. This is not a value statement on the beliefs of any group, but it is a statement on how groups choose to represent those values, and how it impacts the UMC. How we do things are just as important as why we do them. This part will focus on groups operating within the UMC, primarily on Good News and Reconciling Ministries Network. I want to start with Good News. There website can be found here.  I contacted Good News about their financial donations

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Why we can’t have nice things in the #UMC…Show me the mammon part 1

I suspect that what I am about to say won’t make a difference as I suspect that we will all allow our entrenched ideas to take over and we will spin this to something it is not. I hope that I am wrong. This is not a value statement about ideas or theology. These groups are well known and those lines have been well drawn. This is a commentary on how some groups choose to go about representing those ideas. How we do things is just as important as why we do them.  Really, that is what this is.

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Mark Tooley of @theird has joined the middle #umcschism

Not because he wants too, of course,and maybe not officially — shoot, he may just be doing this to lull us into sleep and then pop one or two caps (schism resolutions) into the hind-end of the UMC… But, for now, he has something of a common sense approach, even if it seems awfully familiar to what others are saying. Behind the full throttle of his hyperbole are several key factors many of us in the middle have already known and acknowledged. They are, GC cannot pass the necessary changes to create a formal schism. This is what I’ve

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Dear John Lomperis

It is my sincere hope that somehow, someway this finds you as I do not know the means in which to respond to you directly. This forum suits well for my purposes though as I believe that anyone who saw your comments  published in The Christian Post recently needs to see a response. Your words may be found here. I wish to take a few moments to address the two things that I read in what was quoted as your words. First sir, let me address the statement that the road ahead will be rocky. You are correct, it

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who do they think they are kidding? #UMC

John Lomperis, director of the United Methodist program at The Institute on Religion and Democracy, told The Christian Post that bad times were ahead for the UMC regarding the debate. “While no one can say with 100 percent confidence what exactly will happen next, it is very clear that the road ahead will be very rocky, and that NO ONE is serious about keeping all current United Methodists together,” said Lomperis. “We need to accept the fact that no matter which way we go from here, we are guaranteed to lose a chunk of people on one or more sides.”

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A response to @ConfessingUMC and their excommunication of @icanhasgozpel and myself

You can find the snipping here. This is my response. It is unedited. I am not feeling well, having eaten what I suspect was either some outdated cream cheese or worse. __ You know, Page Admin, you’ve could’ve done us the honor of tagging us in this. I mean, if you wanted an honest dialogue. The fact that you would suggest we leave is diametrically opposed to the teachings of Wesley. The fact you accused us of being liberals shows why The Communion is needed. I am a conservative. I believe Scripture is primary in our Church life, but

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@icanhasgozpel and I Respond to @JohnLomperis via @HuffPostRelig

The Rev. Chris T. and I have responded to an op-ed by John Lomperis via HuffPost – Religion. Related articles Lomperis defends UM marriage teaching (johnmeunier.wordpress.com)