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How about a 1% Appropriations Bill of 2012? (à la Huey P. Long)

This post is meant to engender revolution and/or comments… If you don’t leave comments, I expect you to start a revolution. Your choice. No pressure.

Through the succession of several Indian Acts, notably the Indian Appropriations Bill of 1889, Native Americans were removed from their ancestral land which they had worked for. In 1889, through and Act of Congress and with support of the President, what would become Oklahoma was taken away from the Native American tribes and redistributed. We’ve all seen the movies and read the stories of the nearly 50,000 hopeful white settlers who rushed with all their might to get 160 acres worth of land (something Abraham Lincoln signed into law). This was meant to jump start Western settlement, the American economy and create more markets for Eastern products.  This was a natural way of thinking, actually, and is very much a part of the American tradition.

What if we, um, reappropriated the means of production, companies, and other items and maybe even capital up to a point from the 1% and allow a first come first served land rush type of event so that those who are enterprising enough can get a free leg up in the world?

You know, like we’ve done in the past?

By the way, it seems that Huey P. Long was one to something…

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