fun. One Foot

Um…. Happiness stumbled upon a chapel last night And I can’t help but back up when I think of what happens inside I’ve got friends locked in boxes, that’s no way to live What you calling a sin, isn’t up to them Afterall, afterall I thought we were all your children But I will die for my own sins, thanks a lot We’ll rise up ourselves, thanks for nothing at all So up off the ground, our forefathers are nothing but dust now


Choose your Own Apocalypse

Brian provides a little fun for us this afternoon: Result: You are a humanitarian internationalist. You’re convinced mankind will terminate America—but at least we won’t off ourselves in the process. You’ll know you’re right when: Everyone on Earth pledges allegiance to a world government; the feds default on the national debt. You know, they actually got it right….

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What is Your World View? – Quiz

You Scored as Romanticist. Romanticism encourages society to look backwards to find our solutions. Your rationale is that things were much better a few hundred years ago so we should thus look back to those times and replace them in our modern society. You believe in a simple life and that the complexities of the modern world have turned it upside down. Romanticist 88% Cultural Creative 75% Postmodernist 75% Fundamentalist 38% Modernist 25% Existentialist 25% Idealist 25% Materialist 25% From Here.