Evolution still ongoing?

Natural selection was alive and well in all of the villages the researchers surveyed. Almost half of the people died before age 15, for example, suggesting that they had traits disfavored by natural selection, such as susceptibility to disease. As a result, they contributed none of their genes to the next generation. Of those that made it through childhood, 20% did not get married and had no children, again suggesting that some traits prevented individuals from obtaining mates and passing on their genes to the next generation. The Finns were also subject to sexual selection, in that men who

Religion and Politics

The Finnish seem a little tired of the European Union

In the general election last weekend, the nationalist and populist True Finn Party emerged from political obscurity after largely campaigning on the evils of the European Union and its bailouts of Greece and Ireland. It claimed 39 seats in Finland’s Parliament — almost eight times the number it won in the 2007 election — and it is likely to become a partner in any coalition government. The elections drove the governing Center Party from power and left this small and prosperous country reeling. Finns who gather in bars and cafes are dissecting the race, trying to take the measure