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Eugene Delgaudio Covering Up Child Molestation at CPAC?

Anti-Gay Closet Case of the Year Eugene Delgaudio has unleashed yet another round of completely absurd attacks on LGBT Americans.  This time, he’s targeting GOProud, a group of gay Republicans who have participated for at least the past two years in The Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC. I admit that the idea of a “gay Republican” in 2011 is befuddling, considering the extraordinary lengths the GOP will go on the record to ensure that LGBT Americans remain second-class citizens.  But that’s an altogether different topic for another day, and, perhaps, another blog.  What’s important for now

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A Boycott By Any Other Name

Virginia lawmaker and right-wing lunatic Eugene Delgaudio never misses an opportunity to cash in on his alleged fight against the eeeeevil “Homosexual Agenda”.

His latest shameless raid on the pocketbooks of the faithful comes on the heels of the controversy surrounding Christian-owned fast food chain Chick-Fil-A’s provision of lunch to an anti-gay organization and the resultant protests and boycott by gay groups.


Eugene “Homosexual Agenda” Delgaudio Calls the Waahmbulance

It’s one thing to have reasonable concern about the morals of the world around you, but Virginia lawmaker Eugene Delgaudio is another animal altogether. You’ve read about his conspiracy theory regarding the TSA pat-downs, and you may have read the article in the Loudon Times Mirror that revealed the complete baselessness of Mr. Delgaudio’s insane claims.  It was only a matter of time before Delgaudio turned the spotlight from his unhealthy fixation on man-on-man action into a money-making opportunity, but what’s interesting is that he just can’t seem to help himself from lobbing more evidence-free claims against an entire

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Loudoun Times Reports Cuckoo Delgaudio TSA Conspiracy

Virginia lawmaker and anti-gay crusader Eugene Delgaudio’s latest rant about TSA pat-downs raised eyebrows all over.  Easily one of Mr. Delgaudio’s most bizarre conspiracy theories, the email newsletter he distributed on November 20th includes such wild fantasy as: …the next TSA official that gives you an “enhanced pat down” could be a practicing homosexual secretly getting pleasure from your submission. Or it could be any sexual pervert, homosexual or heterosexual,  or even pedophile that operates the “naked scanner”. Thanks to a post on this blog, Loudoun Times reporter Nicholas Graham published a searing exposé on Delgaudio’s odd fixation on

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Eugene Delgaudio admits several things about TSA and the homosexual agenda

Remember this letter which I posted on last week? Well, it was picked up as a primary source for a newspaper article in which the email’s author admitted that he thought that the TSA’s extra security measures were a part of the homosexual agenda. When asked if he believed that the TSA’s security processes were part of a “homosexual agenda”, as one website alleges, Delagudio replied, “Abolutely.” Anyway, read the rest of the article here. I thought it was pretty cool to be picked up as a primary source for the article… just saying. And thanks to the bloggers

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Eugene Delgaudio: TSA Pat Downs are a part of the Homosexual Agenda

Image via Wikipedia The letter starts innocently enough  – Dear Joel – But, quickly digresses – You’ve seen the news reports and heard the horror stories. The TSA’s new “enhanced pat downs” (i.e. sexual assault searches) and their “advanced imaging technology” (i.e. naked scanners). Leaked x-ray images of men and women that show their naked bodies have flooded the internet. Screaming children have been groped and woman sexually assaulted. And if that weren’t enough, TSA proudly trumpets their hiring policy of “Non-Discrimination.” It’s the federal employee’s version of the Gay Bill of Special Rights and it’s infiltrated our government