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Omne enim spectaculum sine concussione spiritus non est. There is no public entertainment which does not inflict spiritual damage. Text is Weeber, 1988. This English version is of unknown source (but found online).  From the other translations: For the show always leads to spiritual agitation, … (Thelwall’s version, 1869) There is no public spectacle without violence to the spirit. (Glover’s version, 1931) There is no spectacle without violent agitation of the soul. (Arbesmann’s version, 1959). From Tertullian. (Thanks Rodney – posted on Facebook)

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AMPA, Fla. — Bishop Randy White and his wife, pastor Paula White, once headed up one of the fastest growing Christian congregations in the country. In its heyday, Without Walls International Church boasted more than 23,000 members, took in as much as $40 million a year in donations and attracted dozens of professional athletes to its high-energy services. Some of the athletes were so moved by the Whites’ message of prosperity through faith that they donated hundreds of thousands of dollars — one former player even donated a World Series ring — and showered the couple with lavish gifts,