1st Maccabees – The Stand – Repost 2012

Image via Wikipedia This is a repost, as are the other ones from Hanukkah. This one has been amended, however, to reflect my stances now. I’ve noticed a lot of changes that I had to redo – and no biggie. More than anything, I’ve come to be okay with my acceptance of First Maccabees. I was born this way. While reading Thomas Cahills’s Desire of the Everlasting Hills, I took great thought from his section on the oppression of the Jews by Antiochus Epiphanes. Too many times, more conservative believers simply take the canon handed to them and accept


Live Blogging #SBLAAR – Scripture in Matthew

My second session of the day… This is going to deal with the use of Matthew in Scripture… One of my professors will be presenting, but beyond that, I find it important because the use of Scripture in Matthew is the best way to approach using Scripture in Christian interpretation. The first presenter, Brandon Crowe, is speaking about Matthew’s use of Hosea. Missing this, one comes at the understanding that Prophecy is nothing but inspired predications meant for far off people. Watch what Matthew does with Hosea. It’s not about prophecies in the far off future being fulfilled, but

Society and Religion

Eschatological Imagery in the Smallville Season Finale

This is not going to be a extremely detailed post. (I would encourage certain contributors to add to it, if they watched the show) Tonight was the day that fanboys, and I assume fangirls, had waited for for ten years. Tonight was the night which Tom Welling put on the Superman Suit and flew. It was awesome. I’m not sure that I breathed throughout most of the show. But, there was something more. The show was about Darkseid invading earth, but in this, there were a lot of eschatological imagery. First, Darkseid was represented by a trio of people.

Religion and Politics

No, No, No, No! There is no prophetic picture around the U.S. and Egypt!

The author of this piece of work suggests that we are getting close to the seven year Tribulation period – As I suggested in my last blog posting, the dominoes in the Middle East may be starting to fall. First it was Tunisia; now it appears to be Egypt, which is under siege by massive demonstrations; soon, it could also be Jordan (where King Abdullah II is seeking to quell demonstrations) and which, it is reported, the government is on the brink of collapse; Yemen, which is experiencing unprecedented demonstrations, could be a possibility; Algeria, which ratings agency Standard


Torrance on Eschatology

As I continue my reading of Torrance’s second volume, I find a quote of particular interest to me. (By the way, while you or I may disagree with T.C., I love his posts on Revelation. This one is is interesting.) By eschatological is meant here what is directed toward the end, or toward the consummation in the final parousia, what is related to the eschaton, the last word and final act of God in Christ. He goes on to state that this word simply means the intervention of the Eternal into the Temporal, and offers criticism of Bultmann’s views 

Debate/Discussion / Peter / Revelation

2 Peter 3:3-10, Amillennialism and Preterism – Thoughts?

From a valued reader and friend, I would like to submit to you the question submitted to me – ‘Tis evident that when Christ speaks of his coming; his being revealed; his coming in his Kingdom; or his Kingdom’s coming; He has respect to his appearing in those great works of his Power Justice and Grace, which should be in the Destruction of Jerusalem and other extraordinary Providences which should attend it.” (Jonathan Edwards; Miscellany #1199) Now that I know that you are a Partial Preterist – I would like to ask you – what (if anything) is harmful

Debate/Discussion / Revelation

Revelation as Prophecy: What is Prophecy?

For some background on my argument here, see this post. The Book of Revelation is often called, rightly, a prophecy, but far too often does that mean in the minds of most readers, something in the future. Many believe that ‘prophecy’ is always in the future, but I believe that this is a fallacy based on misunderstanding of what prophecy is. Simply, prophecy is not the fore-telling of far distant events, but the inspired message for the audience there and then. It is not a secret code to be worked out by later readers, nor should the genre be