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Dearborn, Michigan, Islam and the Gospel of John – Overreaction from both sides

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First, there is such a thing as freedom of religion in this country, and speech, and the right to assembly peacefully. Three men on a side-walk outside of a public festival does not infringe upon none of those sacred (American sacred) freedoms. The reaction by the police officers of Dearborn, Michigan (you can contact them here) overreacted, seriously overreacted. Honestly, how many police officers does it take to stop three men armed with a tract?

Yes, attention needs to be called to the situation, but not by stating that the police are enforcing Sharia Law. This is fear mongering. What needs to be examined is whether or not all Christians groups are expelled and treated in such a manner? Not so much:

A Christian pastor is free to distribute literature on the streets at the Arab-American festival this weekend in Dearborn, a federal court has ruled.

A three-judge panel on the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals granted an emergency motion that allows Pastor George Saieg, a Christian minister from California, to hand out literature aimed at converting Muslims on the perimeter of the three-day festival that starts tonight.

The court’s ruling on Thursday overturns, for now, a June 7th decision by U.S. District Court Judge Paul Borman that supported the city of Dearborn’s policy, which maintained that Saieg and anyone else must only hand out literature around their booths because of crowd control concerns. The festival is one of the largest Arab-American gatherings in the U.S. and organizers have safety concerns. And so such rules are needed and apply to every one, organizers said. There are other Christian groups that hand out literature from booths at the festival, as do other religious and ethnic groups, they note.

It looks like that the Thomas More Law Center is going to represent those arrested:

In what some have described as police enforcement of Sharia law at the annual Dearborn Arab International Festival, last Friday night Dearborn Police Officers arrested four Christian missionaries and illegally confiscated their video cameras which were recording the events surrounding their arrests. The Thomas More Law Center, a public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, today announced it is representing all of the Christian missionaries.

Arrested on charges of Breach of the Peace are: Negeen Mayel, Dr. Nabeel Qureshi, Paul Rezkalla, and David Wood. Mayel, an eighteen year old female, whose parents emigrated from Afghanistan and a recent convert from Islam to Christianity, was also charged with failure to obey a police officer’s orders. She was approximately 100 feet away and videotaping a discussion with some Muslims when her camera was seized.

I find it rather odd that those who seek religious freedom are turning to a group which is named after the man who helped to murder William Tyndale because he wanted the bible to be read in English and tried to stop the spread of the Reformation into England. In other words, Thomas More was against religious freedom, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech.

So, what do we have here? A group which might have been allowed to distribute Christian material within the proper bounds – which is customary for large gatherings, man-handled by a large number of police officers, arrested on a silly charge and now claiming that the Dearborn Police Department is enforcing Sharia Law.

What do you think?

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