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Dominionism: Reclaiming Citizenship, History, and Faith

Here is a series of great posts on Dominionism:

Dominionism, both in and of itself and in the religious and other groups associated with dominionism, share enough characteristics with groups traditionally considered coercive groups (or “cults”, in the case of coercive religious groups) that the groups associated with dominionism, and likely the entire dominionist movement itself, are better seen as a coercive religious group in and of itself rather than as a strictly political movement. It is my belief (as a walkaway and as an informal researcher) that it is likely impossible to fully understand dominionism (as a political movement) unless one sees the political aspects of dominionism in a larger context of a general coercive mindset existing in the “parent” groups of the dominionist movement.

In this post, I will directly compare lists of coercive tactics used by four groups active in research of coercive groups (FACTnet’s summary of research by Dr Margaret Thaler Singer, info from Rick Ross Institute, info from Steven Hassan’s “Freedom of Mind”, and lists from the International Cultic Studies Association (a group, ironically, that had to change its original name, the American Family Foundation, due to confusion with the dominionist group American Family Association)) in comparison with coercive tactics used in the dominionist community at large and with specific aspects of the dominionist community in particular.

The following list is courtesy of the following article at FACTnet, a group who is best known for pointing out coercive tactics used in Scientology but whom also has been doing heavy research as of late in regards to abuses in “Bible-based” coercive groups (including many associated directly with dominionism).

This list is from Dr Margaret Thaler Singer, a major researcher into coercive tactics (both in the vein of “thought reform” techniques used to “brainwash” people in coercive regimes, and also specifically in the use of coercive tactics in spiritually abusive groups).

TACTIC 1. The individual is prepared for thought reform through increased suggestibility and/or “softening up,” specifically through hypnotic or other suggestibility-increasing techniques such as: A. Extended audio, visual, verbal, or tactile fixation drills; B. Excessive exact repetition of routine activities; C. Decreased sleep; D. Nutritional restriction.This is largely an issue with specific practices in dominionist-affiliated churches, but does occur and is known to be coercive:

a) Heavy emphasis on prayer/fasting (especially in dominionist churches with empasis on “word-faith” teaching or “deliverance ministry”, such as New Life Church in Colorado Springs), often multiple 40-day fasts in a year.  (The dominionist church I walked away from also does regular 21-day fasts, and other dominionist groups have tended to promote this as well).

b) Services in dominionist churches are often heavily scripted (to the point that specific playing of music is a “trigger” for the “manifestations” in those churches;  “Power In The Blood” and “In The Name Of Jesus” are two songs that are often used as specific “trigger songs” in churches into “deliverance ministry”).

c) In some dominionist circles, “biblical diets” are promoted (including not only “What Would Jesus Eat” diets, but the “Cabbage Soup Diet” (which is strongly recommended against by dietitians and which even its promoters recommend never to stay on for longer than seven days) promoted for people on 21 and 40-day fasts who have medical reasons against a total fast)

d) Especially in churches with a heavy emphasis on “deliverance ministry” certain Bible verses are used almost as a mantra.

e) Generally studying the Bible in a fundamentalist context is one of the few, and often the only, form of meditation allowed; in churches into deliverance ministry, it’s even claimed that meditation will cause one to be demonised.

In the case of dominionist groups on a political level, generally there isn’t so much of this (save with “biblical diets” and restriction of information, as noted below) but the dominionist churches serving as “gateway groups” and home churches for the political wings of the dominionist movement do practice these and often.

TACTIC 2. Using rewards and punishments, efforts are made to establish considerable control over a person’s social environment, time, and sources of social support. Social isolation is promoted. Contact with family and friends is abridged, as is contact with persons who do not share group-approved attitudes. Economic and other dependence on the group is fostered. (In the forerunner to coercive persuasion, brainwashing, this was rather easy to achieve through simple imprisonment.)
This is actually quite blatant, both in the “parent churches” of the dominionist movement and in the political/social groups associated with dominionism.

Among other things:

a) Extensive “parallel institutions” exist, including business institutions (in the form of the “Christian Yellow Pages” and similar listings that require a dominionist “statement of faith”), media outlets (via “Christian” radio and television networks; Harpers Magazine has an entire section on it), schooling (homeschooling and private schools in the dominionist community, which will be discussed more in detail in a bit), and social networks (including dominionist alternatives to children’s groups like the Girl Scouts–of which at least two (Royal Rangers/Missionettes and “Heritage Girls” exist)).

b) Families are often told not to associate with people outside the group, and even family members who are not fellow dominionists are seen either as targets for conversion or for damnation.  In “social” dominionist groups, this is exemplified by documented practice of “See You At The Pole” folks of writing names down of people, nailing them to crosses, and praying that they become suicidal unless they become dominionists; in the case of the parent churches, this can go all the way to practices in “deliverance ministry” that preach that all persons outside the church are demonised.

c) Access to outside media is severely restricted.  Even in the “social” and political dominionist groups this is under the guise this is “harmful” or “un-Christian”; in the case of the parent churches, the line tends to go further in claiming that exposure to media outside the church will at best cause one to backslide and (frequently in dominionist churches practicing “deliverance ministry”) claims that any media or contact outside the church will cause one to become demon possessed.  (Again, this will be noted below.)

d) The restriction of info extends specifically to children, in that there is a very heavy emphasis on both use of homeschooling (with dominionist curriculum) and restriction of contacts of children to dominionist-approved groups (including alternatives to the Boy/Girl Scouts). Much of this is explicitly promoted in dominionist literature from the American Family Association and Focus on the Family.

e) Family members outspoken in regards to disapproval of dominionism risk either being disowned or involuntarily exorcised (the former more common in fundamentalist sects, the latter more common in minors and in groups into “deliverance ministry”).

In some cases with dominionists, this even has resulted in businesses founded by them taking on the same coercive tactics; Amway/Quixtar, a group associated with coercive tactics in its business training, was founded by a dominionist and the DeVos Foundation is still a heavy funder of dominionist causes (in fact, the DeVos Foundation is probably the largest funder of dominionist causes in the US along with the Coors family and Scaife family foundations).  Many of the reports of coercive behaviour in Amway/Quixtar have especially been associated with Amway/Quixtar representatives also associated with the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association (which is a front group of the Assemblies of God targeted towards businessmen; more on front groups in general below).

Pyramid schemes specifically targeting dominionists–called “affinity fraud”–have also become so common (because, in part, of their promotion as a “Christian Alternative”) that state attorneys-general have had to warn about them.

Part 1

Part 2

Seven Mountains – The Dominion Process, pt 1

This will be a multi-part series examining the Dominion Process and the Seven Mountain Mandate.

Mark Pfiefer writes the following:

Dominion Eschatology is the examination of future events through the lens of the dominion mandate in Genesis 1:28 and in Matthew 28:19-20.

It assumes the influence of the church will increase on earth until Jesus returns.  This view stands against some opposing views which see the influence of the church waning in the last days. It does not intend to imply absolute dominion, as in a sinless earth, but a preparatory dominion, as in the earth being prepared for the return of the King.

This idea alone should worry most of those that even purport to hold to the gospel message.

In Genesis, Adam and Eve were told to subdue the earth. This was before the Fall – before sin and the separation between God and Man. In Matthew, what is known as the Great Commission, we are told to go into all the world, but they seem to reinterpret the passage in militaristic terms, in order to make a preparatory dominion for their king.  We are told, in the bible, that the love of man will grow colder, and that the spirit of God will be withdrawn from the Earth in the final days (Genesis 6). In 2nd Thessalonians 2, we learn that a great apostasy will happen, and that the very Thing (the Spirit of God) which prevents the adversary from sitting in the temple of God will be withdrawn. These few verses are in opposition to Joel’s Army. The only king, I fear, that they are preparing for is the one which is spoken of in 2nd Thessalonians 2.3-4.

Mark goes on to list three bullet points to solidify his argument:

  1. God’s covenant people taking dominion of the earth has been the main theme of every covenant that God has ever made with mankind.  The New Covenant for the church is no different with its expectation of dominion by making disciples of all nations.
  2. The Dominion Process is two-fold.  First, human beings are blessed by God.  Secondly, these blessed human beings are given a mandate to take dominion of the earth for the purpose of blessing it.
  3. The first advent of Christ was for the purpose of creating a blessed seed upon the earth – the church.  The second coming of Jesus will take place after this blessed seed has completed the Dominion Process upon the earth by making disciples of all nations.

Actually, the idea of Land was important to Israel, as a means of keep God’s people safe from the outside world. The Church is land herself, and should seek disciples. If you notice one thing first, you will notice that there is no scriptures mentioned. Second, you will notice that these points are militaristic in nature. They see to establish a dominion on earth for Christ

We do not have time to go through every detail, but here are a few highlights:

The term, Dominion Process describes the process by which God uses mankind to extend His kingdom rule on the earth and take dominion of it.  It is a two-fold process.  First, God creates and redeems a blessed seed.  Then He uses His blessed seed to extend His kingdom rule on the earth when they take dominion of it.

The first part of the Dominion Process happens by God’s initiative in a moment of time.  The second part happens by man’s efforts over a course of time.  The first part happens when God declares the word of righteousness over His subjects.  The second part happens when His subjects proceed to subdue the earth and take dominion of it.  God takes responsibility for the first part.  Man takes responsibility for the second part.

Mark quotes several verse in which to point out that God actually needs our help in establishing the kingdom on Earth.

The ultimate purpose of the Dominion Process is to create a blessed and redeemed people who can bless and redeem the earth.  Although the first part of the process happens in a moment of time, the second part of the process takes place over an extended amount of time.

Again, they are making preparation for the return of God – contrary to what Scripture actually says about the Church waning in the last days.

Next, we will examine their scriptural foundations.

The above information can be found here.

Seven Mountains – Dr. Lance Wallnau

What are the Seven Mountains?

The seven mountains are seven spheres of influence that make up the mind molders that control Nations. He who occupies these mountains controls the harvest. As Satan gains power over these mountains he increases his capacity for “Mind Control.” That’s the spiritual force that inclines whole people groups to think along the same pathway. It is the phenomenon that explains sudden trends in fashion or music. It works to turn whole continents against each other and will be used to facilitate global wars. Mind Control will increase as the Last Days speeds toward a conclusion.

Here are the Seven Mountains or Mind Molders:

  1. Spirituality and Church
  2. Family
  3. Education
  4. Government and Law
  5. Media and Communication
  6. Arts and Entertainment
  7. Business and Finance

World Rulers of Darkness operate through people. Their goal is to penetrate key strategic positions at the tops of the mountains, and to populate these positions with people who will become gatekeepers to their foul agendas. A small group in control of Media with a homosexual bias can put on programs that make the Gay lifestyle appealing and entertaining. This media pummeling has the effect of softening minds to the issues of morality and creates intolerance for moral absolutes regarding sexual purity and a false tolerance for perversion.

Mind Molders work together in order to accomplish the strategies of the devil. This year alone, the family (Family Mountain) has come under assault by government legislatures (Government Mountain) in the State of Massachusetts to recognize that the union of a man and a woman is a thing of the past. Men now marry men and woman marry woman. Simultaneous with this, education (another mountain) chartered a school in New York to honor those students with a homosexual preference.

Abortion and Pornography are coming through this same gate at a rate that is barely keeping up with the number of marriages falling apart and the number of men and youth who are becoming addicted to sex on the internet.

The same strategy to leverage the power of mind molders is now being worked out by the spirit of Anti Christ in Europe. “Anti” means against or “instead of” – and “Christ” means “anointing”. Therefore it is the name of a spirit that opposes Christians and seeks an alternative anointing. The World Ruler of Islam has so successfully joined with the spirit of Anti Christ in Europe that America is now the most hated country and George Bush in particular is now the number one most hated leader in Europe.

This, less than one generation after young Americans spilled blood to liberate our friends from the tyranny of Hitler’s war machine. How can this happen? Again, it’s called end time mind control. The manipulation and infection of the hearts and minds of people in mass through the mind molders. By the way, what is the number one thing Europeans most dislike about the President? His piety, they don’t like the fact that he is a praying Christian!

Remember, Anti Christ is anti anointing. Europeans aren’t against all prayer. They don’t mind Muslims praying three times a day toward Mecca. This explains why a land where churches once dominated the landscape is now laced with golden domed Mosques dotting the horizon. This and the sudden rise of the European economy as their currency surpasses the U.S. dollar make all those who are afraid of being “Left Behind” nervous. But God has a plan- “Go into the entire world, all its systems, its mind molders and its Nations and infiltrate the world with My power and teaching. Don’t run and don’t hide.

Go through the door of globalization- world economics- and while it is yet day, while opportunity exists, penetrate these nations and systems with a demonstration of a belief system that has superior power and results. This is what Daniel did in Babylon and what Joseph did in Egypt. This is a large part of the reason why God is blowing on the marketplace message in this hour. This is a day where third world nations are asking for help, and developing nations are seeking to trade. The window is wide open to the church to impact the world. Opportunity is everywhere.

The anointing and the spirit of wisdom will give you access to people and places that will be altered by the covert and overt application of these commands. That’s right- you can be covert! One friend of mine is transforming entire schools and businesses by applying certain key commandments to his client’s lives and systems. They are not even aware of the degree to which their organizations are being aligned with the teachings of Christ. All they know is that it’s working. In schools the students are getting better grades and discipline problems are on the decline. In business the people are starting to work like real teams and treating each other with respect. Companies are prospering. It works!

The 50 Commandments of Christ are the key to transforming your home, community and business. Memorize them. Meditate upon them. Ask the Holy Spirit for illumination on how to apply them to your life. Expect God to put His divine favor upon you. Favor takes you to the top of the mountains. Be full of the Holy Spirit and you will break the power of Mind Control off of every system you invade.

The above was from here.

This is one of those rare areas you do get to see the real intention of Joel’s Army and Dominionism the demonization of all things liberal, such as Europe. Try to remember the old days of the Left Behind garbage – the Europe was to given rise the Antichrist. Joel’s Army takes it a bit further by having Europe serve as a vassal to Russia which suddenly becomes the antichrist. (Ever wondered why everyone jumped on Georgia’s side over the summer?)Of course, it does not end there – Muslims, Buddhists, Homosexuals, and all sorts of sinners – perhaps even me – are not servants in the vast army of the antichrist. They are all involved in the conspiracy to undermine the United States, from the attacks on traditional values to out right attacks on us. This is the move of the antichrist against the Church. Scott Lively founded a tributary to Joel’s Army, Watchmen At The Walls, seeking a particularly nasty form of Holocaust revisionism in which some of the persons who were in fact victims of the Holocaust are portrayed as its instigators, only with the word “Jew” replaced with “Homosexual”.

Wallnau didn’t begin the idea of ‘Seven Mountains’ but ‘gained’ it from another source.  He does have his critics (one site critical of Joel’s Army notes a possible derivation from a Coalition on Revival document)–but the linkages are especially clear in regards to Joel’s Army circles.  Wallnau’s primary partner in promoting the “seven mountains” meme is none other than C. Peter Wagner – regarded, along with Rick Joyner and Rodney Howard-Browne, as one of the literal “founding fathers” of Joel’s Army:

Lance Wallnau, who is now working with  C. Peter Wagner on a global dominionism project using the motif of 7 mountains (or “spheres”), has proposed a strategy whereby-

“a very small minority of people. . . as small as 3-5% . . . can control how the agenda works in a nation and thus create or dominate the culture.

“He also makes a rather shocking statement….

“He says leaders of countries are not looking for Christian solutions to their cultural problems. But what they ARE looking for represents a massive time-sensitive opportunity for Christians to have a platform to impact and disciple entire countries of our world today.” [Os Hillman, “Weekly Resource Offer,” June 18]

YWAM founder Loren Cunningham who along with Campus Crusade for Christ founder Bill Bright  plagiarized it from TV preacher Dr. Francis Schaeffer back in 1975:

It was August, 1975.  My family and I were up in a little cabin in Colorado.  And the Lord had given me that day a list of things I had never thought about before.  He said “This is the way to reach America and nations for God.  And {He said}, “You have to see them like classrooms or like places that were already there, and go into them with those who are already working in those areas.”  And I call them “mind-molders” or “spheres”.  I got the word “spheres” from II Corinthians 10 where Paul speaks in the New American Standard about the “spheres” he had been called into.  And with these spheres there were seven of them, and I’ll get to those in a moment.  But it was a little later that day, the ranger came up, and he said, “There is a phone call for you back at the ranger’s station.”    So I went back down, about 7 miles, and took the call.  It was a mutual friend who said, “Bill Bright and Vonnette are in Colorado at the same time as you are.  Would you and Darlene come over and meet with them? They would love to meet with you.”  So we flew over to Boulder on a private plane of a friend of ours.  And as we came in and greeted each other, {we were friends for quite a while}, and I was reaching for my yellow paper that I had written on the day before.  And he said, “Loren, I want to show you what God has shown me!” And it was virtually the same list that God had given me the day before.  Three weeks later, my wife Darlene had seen Dr. Francis Shaffer on TV and he had the same list!  And so I realized that this was for the body of Christ.

I gave it for the first time in Hamburg, Germany at the big cathedral there to a group of hundreds of young people that had gathered at that time. And I said, “These are the areas that you can go into as missionaries.  Here they are:  First, it’s the institution set up by God first, the family.  After the family was church, or the people of God.  The third was the area of school, or education.  The fourth was media, public communication, in all forms, printed and electronic.  The fifth was what I call “celebration”, the arts, entertainment, and sports, where you celebrate within a culture.  The sixth would be the whole area of the economy, which starts with innovations in science and technology, productivity, sales, and service.  The whole area we often call it business but we leave out sometimes the scientific part, which actually raises the wealth of the world.  Anything new, like making sand into chips for a microchip, that increases wealth in the world.  And then of course prediction sales and service helps to spread the wealth.  And so the last was the area of government.  Now government, the Bible shows in Isaiah 33 verse 22 that there are three branches of government, so it’s all of the three branches:  judicial, legislative, and executive.  And then there are subgroups under all of those seven groups.  And there are literally thousands upon thousands of sub-groups.  But those seven can be considered like Caleb:  “Give me this mountain,” and they can be a “mountain” to achieve for God.

There’s some evidence Bright also plagiarized from a secondary source–a neo-Calvinist Abraham Kuyper and of course Rousas John Rushdoony – indicating some of the more interesting influences in the Joel’s Army movement outside of pentecostalism.

Rousas John Rushdoony – Father of Dominionism

So Calvinism is to blame for another evil in this world? This gentlemen is responsible for the line of thinking that permeates Joel’s Army, the Call, and the rest of the Dominionist movement. This is just a starting post – more will follow. It is worrisome because it presents Dominionism as more than a recent heresy, but shows that it was codified and has a base for thought.


Rushdoony was born in New York City, the son of recently arrived Armenian immigrants. Before his parents fled the Armenian Genocide of 1915, his ancestors had lived in a remote area near Mount Ararat for about 2000 years.[4] There are claims that since the year 320, every generation of the Rushdoony family has produced a Christian priest or minister.[5] Within weeks of arriving in America, his parents moved to Kingsburg, California, where his father founded an Armenian-speaking Presbyterian church. Except for a time when his father pastored a church in Detroit, Rushdoony grew up on the family farm in Kingsburg.[6]

Rushdoony attended public schools where he learned English.[3] He continued his education at the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a B.A. in English in 1938, a teaching credential in 1939 and a M.A. in Education in 1940. He also attended the Pacific School of Religion, a Congregational and Methodist seminary in Berkeley, California, from which he graduated in 1944, the same year he was ordained by the Presbyterian Church (USA). Rushdoony then served for eight and a half years as a missionary to the Shoshone and Paiute Indians on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in a remote area of Nevada.[6][2] In 1953 Rushdoony became pastor of a church in Santa Cruz, California, a small retirement town on the coast.[6]

It was during his mission to the Native Americans that Rushdoony began writing. His first book, By What Standard? was published in 1959. In the early 1960s he was active in the homeschooling movement, appearing as an expert witness to defend the rights of homeschoolers.[2] He moved to Los Angeles in 1965. That year he founded the Chalcedon Foundation; the monthly Chalcedon Report, which Rushdoony edited, began appearing that October.[3]

Rushdoony also had ties to the John Birch Society,[5] an anti-communist group whose organization he compared to the early church. Many others in the Reconstructionist movement have been members of the society.[7] Rushdoony was a lifelong opponent of socialism.[2]

Rushdoony had five children with his first wife, Arda June Gent Rushdoony, who died in 1977. He married his second wife, Dorothy Barbara Ross Rushdoony, who became the step mother of his children, in 1962. She died in 2003. His daughter Sharon is married to Gary North, a Christian Reconstructionist writer and economist. Rushdoony’s only son, the Rev. Mark R. Rushdoony, is the current president of the Chalcedon Foundation and editor of the Chalcedon Report. R. J. Rushdoony died in 2001 with his student and financial supporter Howard Ahmanson, Jr. at his bedside.[8]

Christian Reconstruction

See also: Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism

Rushdoony’s most important area of writing, however, was law and politics, as expressed in his small book of popular essays Law & Liberty and discussed in much greater detail in his three volume, 1894-page magnum opus, The Institutes of Biblical Law. With a title modeled after Calvin‘s Institutes of the Christian Religion, Rushdoony’s Institutes was arguably his most influential work. In the book, he proposed that Old Testament law should be applied to modern society and that there should be a Christian theonomy, a concept developed in his colleague Greg Bahnsen‘s controversial tome Theonomy and Christian Ethics, which Rushdoony heartily endorsed. In the Institutes, Rushdoony supported the reinstatement of the Mosaic law’s penal sanctions. Under such a system, the list of civil crimes which carried a death sentence would include homosexuality, adultery, incest, lying about one’s virginity, bestiality, witchcraft, idolatry or apostasy, public blasphemy, false prophesying, kidnapping, rape, and bearing false witness in a capital case.[9] Although supporting the separation of church and state at the national level, Rushdoony understood both institutions as under the rule of God,[10] and thus he conceived secularism as posing endless false antitheses, which his massive work addresses in considerable detail. In short, he sought to cast a vision for the reconstruction of society based on Christian principles.

The book was also critical of democracy. He wrote that “the heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state … Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies.” He elsewhere said that “Christianity is completely and radically anti-democratic; it is committed to spiritual aristocracy,” and characterized democracy as “the great love of the failures and cowards of life.”[5]

Due to the work’s perceived denial of the Holocaust and defense of segregation[11] and slavery,[12] it did not gain an immediate following. In the work, Rushdoony argued against “inter-religious, inter-racial, and inter-cultural marriages, in that they normally go against the very community which marriage is designed to establish.”[13] But his condemnation of inter-racial marriage appears to have been his personal view and not related to the biblical text; it was not shared by other Reconstructionists.[14] The book garnered more attention starting in the 1980s when Francis Schaeffer began espousing many similar ideas .[15]

Rushdoony’s work has been used by Dominion Theology advocates who attempt to implement a Christian theocracy, a government subject to Biblical law, especially the Torah, in the United States. Authority, behavioural boundaries, economics, penology and the like would all be governed by biblical principles in Rushdoony’s vision, but he also proposed a wide system of freedom, especially in the economic sphere, and claimed Ludwig von Mises as an intellectual mentor; he called himself a Christian libertarian.[16]

Rushdoony was the founder in 1965 of the Chalcedon Foundation and the editor of its monthly magazine, the Chalcedon Report. He also published the Journal of Christian Reconstruction and was an early board member of the Rutherford Institute, founded in 1982 by John Whitehead. He later received an honorary Doctorate from Valley Christian University for his book, The Philosophy of the Christian Curriculum.

That’s right, God has endorsed Sarah Palin because George Bush is a Christian

Kim Clement has prophesied that because George W. Bush was a praying man, God will put Sarah Palin in the White House. I have to wonder, what will happen to these false prophets if ‘that one’ wins? Also, as it occurred to these people that she is running for Vice-President, while John McCain is running for President, meaning that John will be in the White House? Or do they know this and will pray that he dies in office, leaving a very inexperienced Governor who’s sum total of foriegn policy experience is that she can Russia from her house in the Oval Office?

And what if Palin-McCain wins? WIll it spell the end of the secular government? You do realize that these are the same people who wish to bring about an Apostolic Government, right? You know, where every State has an Apostle over it?

via THE ELIJAHLIST @ inJesus.com

Energetic Outpourings in Every State

“When I place in the White House those who know how to pray, not those who ‘paddy whack’ in prayer, not those who repeat and pray repetitious prayers, but those who know how to shake, to shake the very altar, those are the ones that shall bring into the marketplace this outpouring that I have planned beyond the four walls of religion and that which they call the church.”

For God said, “These four years will be energetic outpourings in every state. And they will say, ‘let us go to Texas, for it is there; and they shall say no, no, no, no let us go to Florida for it is there; no let us go to Oklahoma for it is there. Truly.’ And they shall say, ‘where else? Go to California, it’s there, go to Arizona, it’s there.’ And they shall look at all of the states. Alaska, you have offered unto Me something that I will use and breathe upon and bring a blessing of fire into that cold place,” says the Lord! “I will do it,” says the Lord!

“And they shall say, ‘there’s fire everywhere, fire everywhere, consuming, consuming, consuming.’ There is fire everywhere coming from an energy that shall rapidly come.” So God says, “People, do not say, ‘you are not elected.'” For God said, “The elect of God have had a severe adversary as they have pushed through this great door that has opened. For the great adversary that has stood at your door has now been put under your feet, therefore, run through that door, run through that door, run through that door,” says the Spirit of God!

The Lord says, “The White House shall become the prayer house. The White House shall be called the prayer house. And then they will mock and say, ‘it is the White House,’ and then they will mock and say, ‘it is the wild house because the Quakers have come.’ And they will say, ‘there is even shaking there and trembling.'”

God said, “This is going to be as a result, and even though many men have hated this President – of his own battle with a Babylonian prince with a Babylonian spirit – that has endeavored to take this Nation and bring it to its knees. Because of President Bush,” God said, “who prayed every day, I am going to produce in the White House, Spirit-filled human beings that will pray with the Spirit and power. And they will not be ashamed of it.”