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What the Texas Board of Ed doesn’t get about teaching Civilizations

Tell me – what is the point about teaching children the things that they should already know? In teaching about (other) civilizations, why is Texas demanding that students learn more about Christianity, which is nominally a part of American culture and Western Civilization, and less about Islam, which is nominally a part of our foreseeable future, either in war or economic outreach?I send my children to school to learn about things that they don’t know. And frankly, I don’t want them learning about Christianity from a public school textbook.

Because Christianity wasn’t given equal time in a book that teaches American students about World civilizations, they are going to pass a resolution condemning the books. Lovely. I wonder how much time and money of the tax payers will be wasted to do something so laden with politics. This is an election year tactic.

Again, my children are growing up Christian. It is my duty as a parent to not rely upon either the State or Federal government to teach my children about my religion. Silly Liberals, always wanting to rely upon the government now… oh wait, they are Conservatives you say? Surely not.

Religious Right, R.I.P.

Finally, I agree with Cal Thomas.

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