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A Personal Testimony about Mike Bickle and IHOP #onething09

…..In a prophetic class that was taught by Kirk Bennett one of our assignments was to take a scripture and repeat it over and over for two hours straight, praying it, repeating it until we got a revelation, this is nothing but a mantra, repetitious prayer, something we are not supposed to be part of. at the time I thought something was wrong with me because I never got anything (but tired) unless it was by my imagination, but later I was pleased to know that I was being protected, that’s why it wasn’t working. I was a sincere man trying to answer what I thought was the call of God on my life and at the time I new very little about the prophetic movement, but I did see a power that I thought had to be God And how could twenty four hour seven day a week prayer and worship not be of God?….

A Personal Testimony about the Dangers of IHOP « Truthspeaker’s Weblog.

Say, about Mike Bickle and the IHOP Cult, I wasn’t kidding

Mike Bickle’s little IHOP operation is little more than a cult – a very big cult:

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Labeling religions and how it damages-Positive Solutions

A while a ago, there was a discussion on the use of ‘cult’ as applied to various religious groups and communities. This is a product of that discussion meant to engender future discussion. The following is a solicited article. The thoughts and opinions expressed may not necessarily be the thoughts and opinions of this blogger.

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Is Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY a Cult?

Update: Pete Hise has resigned after his “emotional” affair with the music minister, Sharon Clements.

Read another blogger’s personal update.


Honestly, I don’t know and as far as I know, I’ve never said that it was; however, it seems to be a hot topic bringing people to the blog today. A fellow blogger, twitterer, etc… Heidi actually posted on this today. Since she is a member, go read her take on it. Or, you can head on over to the Lead Pastor’s blog, Pete Hise, and ask him.

I’ll tell you right now, it’s not my kind of worshiping community, but a cult?

Local Take on Brian Tamaki’s Cult

Brian Tamaki’s self-proclaimed elevation to the rank of Bishop, or even King, is disturbing – not because of any judgment as to whether his form of religion is more “right” than anybody else’s, but because the doctrine and rulebook being espoused by the Destiny Church so totally discourage independent thought.

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