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What’s This About Moonlight?


It’s hard to believe this, but apparently it happened. A few years ago, Bill Nye was booed back in 2006 while talking to a group in Waco, TX. What dastardly statement could have caused such a reaction from the crowd? Saying that the moon doesn’t give off a light of it’s own…that the moon reflects the light of the sun. Keep in mind, this was way back in 2006…7 years ago. Well, earlier this week, creationist Ray Comfort said that Bill Nye was wrong. But the funny thing is, he actually admits that what Bill Nye said is right,


Ken Ham wonderfully sums up Inerrancy and plaIn readIng

If you as a Christian believe the Bible is inerrant, you’re saying it is without error. And as a creationist, I read the Bible plainly, trusting that I can believe and understand what I read. It’s unreasonable to say that inerrancy and a plain reading of Scripture leads Christians to believe falsehoods as though they are “magically true.” But what is Dr. McKnight referring to specifically here? He writes, “One of which views is that the Bible teaches science in Genesis 1–2.” via Warning: “Inerrancy” Means We Can’t Trust the Bible | Around the World with Ken Ham. That’s


I’m not sure Ken Ham understands basic biology @aig

Of course, biology could be of the devil if it challenges your opinion, but anyway, Ham has gone ape over a book at the San Diego Zoo. In this book, the authors posits a well known biological fact that humans are just a few chromosomes away from being apes. I’m not sure if he knew that or not. Doubtful, because unlike nuclear energy, facebook, and using tax payer dollars to open up an adult store, this is not in Scripture. But—this is where the world is at today.  And if the San Diego Zoo is selling this book, they


Ken Ham doesn’t believe in the Historical Jesus @AiG

Whatever do you mean, Joel? Ken makes a logical fallacy, that for Jesus to be the Son of God, he would have to be completely inhuman. I note that Paul writes that Christ emptied himself of his deity to assume flesh, and yet, Ham argues with Paul. Surely, Ham opines, that Jesus was complete deity. For him, Jesus must have known everything and been incapable of not knowing. Scripture tells us that Christ was tempted in every way, and overcame those temptations. This is because Jesus was human. He was a Jew. A Palestinan Jew of the 1st century,


Peter Leithart, Peter Enns, and just not getting it.

Jason alerted me to this post from Peter Leithart objecting to Peter Enns‘ recent work on the Evolution of Adam. Jason believes that Leithart is writing against a supposed parallelomania. The problem is, is that Leithart writes, I’m not sure who Pete is aiming at, since nearly everyone with the thinnest exposure to ANE literature knows that there are lots of overlaps with the OT As I noted to Jason earlier… his use of the word parallelomania is a red herring… and false because even Leithart holds that the OT fits nicely with ANE even actually noting that their


When does it become anti-Semitic to treat Genesis 1 as a Western-style history?

I love the way that Young Earth Creationists add things to Scripture. Granted, this is an ‘old post’ (from December, totally last year) but I noticed it because Ham mentioned it on Facebook recently. Anyway… first, read Dr. McGrath’s post here (and his editorial here)…. Ham then writes, in part, Second, the above chart is inconsistent with the text of Genesis 1:1–2:3. Water was not created on the second day, but the first. Genesis 1:2 states, “The Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” This occurred prior to the creation of light on the first day. So perhaps days


When you start off with the presupposition that nothing will convince you, then…

Jason has taken issue with mine and Dr. McGrath‘s posts on the discovery of ongoing evolution as pictured by the skink. While Jason should feel free to comment on these things, I would really like to see his biology degree or his credentials in order to be able to state what exactly evolution is. Further, while he gives links to actual scientific entries, he only gives his opinion. Not the opinions of scientists or supported by actual facts, but only his opinion which he must hold on to in order for his views of Scripture and Theology to be correct. Now, don’t