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Good stuff from Peter Brimelow, #CPAC Star!

 “It’s the immigration, stupid.” — On the reasons for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 2001

“The other aspect of this rapid population growth is that it’s very rapidly shifting the racial balance in the country — contrary to [Sen. Ted] Kennedy’s assertion. In effect, the 1965 Act choked off immigration from the traditional sources of immigration to the U.S., namely Europe, and it allowed a small number of third world countries to capture the inflow, as I said. And, above all, Mexico. The Mexican government, the Mexican ruling class, appears to have simply made the decision to export its poor to the U.S.” — VDARE.com website, 2005

“The mass immigration so thoughtlessly triggered in 1965 risks making America an alien nation — not merely in the sense that the numbers of aliens in the nation are rising to levels last seen in the 19th century; not merely in the sense that America will become a freak among the world’s nations because of the unprecedented demographic mutation it is inflicting on itself; [and] not merely in the sense that Americans themselves will become alien to each other, requiring an increasingly strained government to arbitrate between them.” — VDARE.com website, 2006

Good stuff and more… What’s really good is that this guy is a headliner at CPAC…. where your next Republican nominee is going to be speaking at….

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Sieg Heil, Ron Paul!

I’m sure that there is something about a conspiracy to bring Ron Paul down (as if you actually need it), but this is very interesting…

In a document dump that includes private forum messages, emails, organization notes another other information the group found numerous connections between Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and A3P. According to the documents, all hosted here, Paul himself regularly met with many A3P members, engaged in conference calls with their board of directors and engaged in a “bridging tactic”between A3P and the Ron Paul Revolution.

Other excerpts show A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso (whose email account was one hacked by the collective) coordinating meeting between Paul and other members of A3P such as corporate lawyer and chairman of the neo-Nazi group Paul. “I’m going to go to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with Bill Johnson,” reads an email to an A3P member dated January 2011. “Bill and I will bemeeting with Ron and Ran Paul. I have a teleconference call with Bill (and Ron Paul) tonight. Much more later. Things are starting to happen (thanks to folks like you).”

Read more: here

Other stories here and here.

Now, granted, the source comes from Anonymous, however, I suspect that they have the evidence well documented. This doesn’t just pertain to Ron Paul, but to the British National Party as well. I note that Neo-Nazis and other neo-fascists support the likes of Ron Paul… for a reason.

But, we’ll see. I can tell you this, if this is true, this won’t deter Paul’s supporters, but had he come out with this in the first place, he’d make a better showing in the polls.

Wonder what this will do with Rand?

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Eugene Delgaudio Covering Up Child Molestation at CPAC?

Eugene Delgaudio Attends CPAC
"Pro-Family" Activist & Virginia Lawmaker Eugene Delgaudio Passes Out Flyers at CPAC

Anti-Gay Closet Case of the Year Eugene Delgaudio has unleashed yet another round of completely absurd attacks on LGBT Americans.  This time, he’s targeting GOProud, a group of gay Republicans who have participated for at least the past two years in The Conservative Political Action Conference, better known as CPAC.

I admit that the idea of a “gay Republican” in 2011 is befuddling, considering the extraordinary lengths the GOP will go on the record to ensure that LGBT Americans remain second-class citizens.  But that’s an altogether different topic for another day, and, perhaps, another blog.  What’s important for now is that GOProud participates in CPAC, which clearly drives Virginia lawmaker Eugene Delgaudio BANANAS.  See today’s (unabridged) Public Advocate email newsletter below, with commentary interspersed.

Public Advocate Confronts GOProud at CPAC
Dear [Name Redacted],

Wow, what a headline!  It conjures images of a heated debate, or even a minor scuffle. But read on…

If you have been watching the news at all, then you undoubtedly have seen CPAC is underway in Washington, D.C.

CPAC is the annual convention for conservatives to network and strategize for the upcoming year, and conservatives from all walks of life attend.

But this year GOProud, a Radical Homosexual front group masquerading as conservatives is attending with the blessing of seemingly everyone.

Okay, so CPAC is for “conservatives from all walks of life”…unless you happen to be gay.  How deliciously Christian of him.

GOProud is not a “front group”.  They’re a group of Republicans who happen to be gay, but–for reasons that confound me–agree almost across the board with the GOP platform.  Some of their more vocal members identify strongly as members of the tea party; for the sake of Joel’s readers, I’ll skip the tantalizing teabagging joke that’s just begging to go here.

In years past I have watched in consternation as open homosexuals aggressively fished for unwary young men at CPAC.

More than once I had to rush in and rescue minors and other unsuspecting conservatives from these homosexuals who seek to worm their way into positions of trust and authority.

Since Mr. Delgaudio claims to have “rescue[d] minors” on more than one occasion, I would love to see the police reports that he filed detailing these incidents.  If a child was in such imminent threat of being taken advantage of, it is his responsibility to alert the authorities, is it not?  If he did indeed witness such an attack and did not call the police, that could make him an accessory to or complicit with the attacker(s).  So where are the police reports, Eugene?

They deceive the naive with talk of how big and important they are.

They dangle a “career” in politics in front of their eyes and then comes the invite to the alcohol party.

This description is strangely specific, is it not?  Is there something you need to get off your chest, Mr. Delgaudio?  I’m sure there’s a counselor in Loudon, Virginia who wouldn’t mind helping you deal with your obvious issues of repression.

Alcohol and cocktail parties are commonplace, and that’s not my idea of a good time, so this year I DECIDED NOT TO ATTEND EXCEPT IN PROTEST.

This part made me laugh out loud.  “I didn’t go…except I did, but for like, a really good reason.”

I began to devise my plan to confront the Homosexual Lobby at CPAC.

What in the world took you so long?  GOProud has been on the CPAC agenda for at least a year.  For someone who runs an organization on the incessant requests for donations from hard-working Americans, Eugene doesn’t seem to have any semblance of a cogent strategy.  So where’s all that money going?

First, I began by alerting pro-family supporters by email of the danger at CPAC.

Oooooh…  You told people something they already knew by watching the news.  How guerrilla of you!  I’m sure this activity cost several thousands of dollars…

Then I had fliers printed to hand out warning the attendees at CPAC of the lurking danger.

I’ll ask again.  If Eugene Delgaudio had reason to believe that minors would be targeted for sexual predation, why did he not contact law enforcement?  Instead, he distributed handouts?  Are you kidding me?  This man rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and some ridiculous flyer is all he can come up with to combat what he perceives to be a true evil?  How can anyone take this man seriously?  Even people who agree with his ideology should start asking real questions about his actual work on their dimes.

Several homosexuals who receive my emails acknowledged me “We got your email already.”

And I even handed a flyer to Grover Norquist, who is a backer of the homosexuals, a member of GOProud’s board of directors, and has access to many elected officials and the mainstream media.

He was not amused that I had the nerve to publicly denounce his shilling for the anti-family activists.

For those of you keeping score at home, this completely inept and half-baked effort is what Eugene Delgaudio considers a “confrontation”.

What part do Radical Homosexuals have in the conservative movement or traditional values?


As the Radical Homosexuals attempt to slip into the cracks of the conservative movement Public Advocate will be there sounding the alarm protecting the family.

Okay, so only certain kinds of American citizens are allowed to participate in the democratic process?  How Animal Farm of you, Eugene.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the U.S.
P.S. I ask you to prayerfully consider chipping in with a contribution of $10 or more to help fund the fight for traditional values.

Thank you very much for your support in advance.

Today’s message isn’t the only unsubstantiated CPAC-related smear that Eugene has conducted.  Earlier this week, Public Advocate sent out the libelous email blast shown below, which goes into even greater detail of Eugene’s past witnessing of what he describes as child molestation on several occasions.  Still, there is no mention that he did anything other than “escort” the offending adults out.  Where are the police reports?

Based on his own admission, Mr. Delgaudio is the only adult who latched onto CPAC’s young attendees without their or their parent’s consent.  Could this be read as a passive admission of some dark secret?

This particular message is humorous to me because of the laughably sanctimonious nature of Delgaudio’s remarks.  Prayer vigils?  “After the dinner speeches at nearby churches”?  Really, Eugene?  Get a life, honey.

He goes on to describe quite dramatic events where he “had to clean out the lot of them in an upheaval or turmoil that was cast as a political purge.”  But, of course, there is absolutely no record of any of this ever taking place.  And you can be sure that if something this overt really did happen, the Left would pounce on it in a heartbeat and the ensuing scandal would have been epic.  Eugene’s attempts to cast himself in the role of Jesus with this particular imagery is disgusting for its transparency and unequivocal falsehood.

Once again, Delgaudio references seeing “intoxicated” youth being preyed upon…  I don’t agree with CPAC’s politics, but I give them enough credit to not serve alcohol to minors.  The scandal of this alone would bounce around the news cycle for days–if it were even remotely true.

At last, Eugene states the obvious: “Parents should be warned and frankly the authorities at CPAC should be told that there are minor age students who need to be looked after and protected.”  If only there was a credible pro-family Christian advocate who could serve as a witness and bring the offending predators to justice…  Oh, that’s right, Eugene was too busy cashing checks and handing out copy-machine leaflets to bother with ACTUALLY protecting the family.

CPAC Enables Homosexual Predators
Dear [Name Redacted],

For years, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was the scene of exciting speakers throughout the day.

But at night there have always been dozens of alcohol parties.

These parties are viewed as festive opportunities to meet conservatives from all over the country in a more social atmosphere.

I try to avoid parties when attending conferences as it’s hard enough keeping a day schedule and parties can be distractions which take away from the serious fight to preserve the family.

Much more importantly, the alcohol abuse and other shenanigans that take place just aren’t my idea of a good time.

It would be better to have late evening vigils and after the dinner speeches at the nearby churches. [emphasis supplied]

However, I was often outnumbered when I attended CPAC back in my days serving as a member of the national board for Young Americans for Freedom.

But knowing the problems at these CPAC parties, I took it upon myself to chaperone younger visitors from around the country who were attending their first political gathering.

And the stories I have to tell will shock you.

It was not unusual for me to have to escort adult predators, even some openly homosexual men out of these parties because they could not resist the urge to prey upon the younger teenage victims at their disposal in a vulnerable place a long distance from their home and without their parents’ presence.

On more than one occasion I had to clean out the lot of them in an upheaval or turmoil that was cast as a political purge.

These days the predator homosexuals use political cover to gain access to their intoxicated victims.

Sometimes it seems my efforts were all for naught…

As I’ve told you before, the Conservative Political Action Conference has been infiltrated by the Homosexual Lobby.

Radical Homosexual front groups like “GOProud” will be in attendance to push their perversion on young conservatives.

This sort of predator behavior was illegal and immoral back when I had to clean house and condemn them.

And it is still illegal and immoral to create an atmosphere in which those same misdeeds could occur again.

Parents should be warned and frankly the authorities at CPAC should be told that there are minor age students who need to be looked after and protected.

Have the Radical Homosexuals really infiltrated that deeply into what used to be a pro-family movement?

Has the leadership of CPAC gone so far as to actually not read anything or think it’s just “political opinion” propagated by old fashioned and outdated leaders that adult homosexual predators exist?

Well, they DO exist and they are taking advantage of the alcohol parties at CPAC to poison the minds and pollute the bodies of young conservatives who are still too naïve to know what is being done to them.

I stand with the dozens of pro-family leaders and the thousands of pro-family supporters who are boycotting this event because of what it has been turned into.

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