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Atheists Are Racists – Nothing but Angry White Men

This is going to go over so well…

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The Changing Nature of Public Religion

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In the Mail: Something Specific from Random House

Random House has sent along a copy of Karen Armstrong’s book, The Case for God, for review. So far, she is getting excellent reviews on this book, which is in many ways a response to the recent rise of militant atheism – Reviews Praise for Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God “The time is ripe for a book like The Case for God, which wraps a rebuke to the more militant sort of atheism in an engaging survey of Western religious thought.” —Ross Douthat, The New York Times Book Review “Armstrong’s argument is prescient, for it reflects the most

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More on Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God

If I keep going, I am going to have to read this book. Here is an except:

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A U.N. resolution seeks to criminalize opinions that differ with the Islamic faith

The Muslim religion makes unusually large claims for itself. All religions do this, of course, in that they claim to know and to be able to interpret the wishes of a supreme being. But Islam affirms itself as the last and final revelation of God’s word, the consummation of all the mere glimpses of the truth vouchsafed to all the foregoing faiths, available by way of the unimprovable, immaculate text of “the recitation,” or Quran. If there sometimes seems to be something implicitly absolutist or even totalitarian in such a claim, it may result not from a fundamentalist reading

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Rabbi to address Jewish, Christian views on atheism

Rabbi to address Jewish, Christian views on atheism – News. Article written by: Katie B. Martinez Best-selling author and inspirational speaker Rabbi Harold Kushner will be the guest of honor at the 11th annual Gates of Chai Lectureship in Contemporary Judaism Tuesday in Ed Landreth Auditorium. The event, which has hosted Nobel Prize-winning laureates, political and social activists, and Middle Eastern policy experts, will address “A Jewish-Christian Perspective on Atheism.” This will be Kushner’s second appearance at the event, which is hosted annually by the Jewish Studies Program at the Brite Divinity School. Newell Williams, president of Brite, said

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God 0, Atheism 2: Hitchens Eats Another Religious Figure for Lunch

Can you guess the bias of the blogger (below the fold)… It seems that Hitchens is making a name for himself by ‘eating’ up people of Faith. I personally would love to have the chance to discuss matters of faith with Chris, but I don’t have the name for it… Are you there God, and if so, will you please provide an emissary that can go head-to-head with Christopher Hitchens without getting spectacularly flayed? That was the pertinent issue during yesterday’s “Big Questions conversation” at the Pierre Hotel, hosted by On Faith and the John Templeton Foundation. The luncheon