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Peter Hitchens – Leaving Atheism


Peter is the author of a new book on his return to the faith.

Christopher Hitchens, Religious in Spite of Himself?

In a recent interview with a Unitarian minister, the Vanity Fair columnist seemed to be nibbling at the edges of what can only be described as spirituality, leading our author to wonder whether Christopher Hitchens isn’t the best of the New Atheists for his willingness to reject atheistic dogmas.

Christopher Hitchens, Religious in Spite of Himself? | Religion & Theology | ReligionDispatches.

Atheists Are Racists – Nothing but Angry White Men

This is going to go over so well…
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The Changing Nature of Public Religion

From here:

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In the Mail: Something Specific from Random House

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Random House has sent along a copy of Karen Armstrong’s book, The Case for God, for review. So far, she is getting excellent reviews on this book, which is in many ways a response to the recent rise of militant atheism –


Praise for Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God

“The time is ripe for a book like The Case for God, which wraps a rebuke to the more militant sort of atheism in an engaging survey of Western religious thought.”
—Ross Douthat, The New York Times Book Review

“Armstrong’s argument is prescient, for it reflects the most important shifts occurring in the religious landscape.”
—Lisa Miller, Newsweek

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