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Casey Anthony Not Guilty

Reading some of the testimony, it is little wonder actually:

After a trial that riveted the nation with its twists and turns, Casey Anthony was found not guilty on Tuesday of murdering her daughter, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. (here)

Let us remember that in this country, you are innocent until proven guilty. She was not proven guilty.

People will jump to conclusions, and have.

Pray for the family.

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How Far Can the Love of God really reach? Even to this ‘mother’?

My good God –

A building that once housed a daycare center and later became a “swingers’ club” in Mineola, Texas turned into a house of horrors for four children who were forced to perform sex acts on others and each other.

Shauntel Mayo, 29, the ringleader of this unthinkable abuse, made her three kids (then age 5, 6, and 7) and her own 6-year-old baby sister perform sex acts if they wanted dinner. “The unthinkable,” said Smith County assistant district attorney Joe Murphy. “She had her kids have sex with each other and taught them to masturbate. She taught them how to strip. She withheld food from them. All so she could make money.”

Read more: http://www.momlogic.com/2008/06/daycare_sex_party_horrors.php#ixzz1JzzTjFeU

Or don’t read anymore.


Would I Show Grace to this Man? Would you?

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An apologetic Ian Kessinger, 30, of Nitro said stress and drugs led him to hurt his son Benjamin on three separate occassions. The boy was born Dec. 20.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done,” Kessinger said on his way to arraignment in Kanawha County Magistrate Court. “If I could take it back, I’d take it back in a heartbeat.”

According to a criminal complaint on file in magistrate court, officers went to Women and Children’s Hospital on Tuesday after doctors discovered that the boy had a fractured skull, a broken collarbone and a broken wrist.

via Nitro man arrested for beating infant son  – News – The Charleston Gazette – West Virginia News and Sports –.

I don’t care how apologetic you are, when it comes to harming children it makes me want to do evil things to you. Could I show Grace to Kessinger? And what would that look like?

To be honest, in situations like this, I don’t even pretend to want to…

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Hell is Cold

Thought this might mean something to some of you…


The Utter Depravity of Marco Alferez

An El Paso high school dance teacher is accused of recording more than 200 videotapes of himself having sex with as many as 70 children, some of whom were elementary school age. (here)

I hope that justice is done, but I pray that the families of those destroyed will somehow find peace.

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