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Who is Nathaniel T. Jackson? What did he do to deserve this honor?

Nathaniel T. Jackson is a record holder this year in Chicago. Not for selling the most fund raising items for cancer, or for helping the homeless or for overcoming his gang ties while being out on parole for a robbery. He didn’t win any election or race to speak of. It is possible that some of us may have at one time or other other passed by him while we were in Chicago at SBL. No doubt, when we did, we were pretty darn scared.

What record does he hold?

He is the 500th gun murder in Chicago this year.

Congratulations, Mr. Jackson.

I am glad that this sort of gun violence does not happen in my country

Surely this must be Syria or Iraq…

In 2010, nearly 700 Chicago school children were shot and 66 of them died. Last year, Mayor Rahm Emanuel attended a memorial for 260 school children who had been killed in just the previous three years. On several occasions in the past year, tens of people have been shot in a single weekend on the streets of the city. The worst three-day stretch saw 10 killed and 37 wounded in gun fire. But Google the term “Chicago weekend shootings” and the results are far too many deadly weekends to count.

via 260 School Children Killed in Chicago in 3 Years — Where Are the Tears for Them? | Alternet.


Chicago is worse than Afghanistan in gun deaths

January-to-June murders here were 58 percent higher than the number of US troops killed in Afghanistan during the same period.

via In Chicago, heat and homicide stoke fear and frustration – CSMonitor.com.

Good for Afghanistan, but Chicago is not a failed State… So, um…