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Book Review of @Energion’s “Worshiping with Charles Darwin”

There are a few names unmentionable, at least in the positive sense, from the Christian pulpit. One of them, if not the main one of them, is Charles Darwin, the 19th century scientist many accuse of creating evolutionary science. But, there are more than a number of Christians who believe science and faith are co-habitable. This number, we hope, grows every day. And this is where the problem lies. Pastors are having a difficult time presenting science and faith together due to a lack of education on the topic or because they simply do not know how. There are


I know why Mike was in Georgia now

He was leading the charge… Darwin, the 19th-century British scientist who laid the foundations for the theory of evolution by natural selection, logged 4,000 write-in votes in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, which includes half of Athens-Clarke County, just east of Atlanta. Read more: here That will be St. Charles Darwin…


Richard Dawkins, no longer an atheist

His recent poll showed that a majority of Christians in Britain are illiterate of Scripture of which he took to the extreme and said that they weren’t Christian. It would seem that only a bible-idolater and a fundamentalist would go that far, but that does seem to be what Dawkins and most militant atheists are…. still fundamentalists. Anyway, Dawkins got into it on Imperial Television, God save the Queen and all that bloody rubbish, with a priest, Fr. Fraser. He forgot the title to his ‘bible.’ Giles Fraser: Richard,if I said to you what is the full title of


Charles Darwin, as told by N.T. Wright

He’s talking about this book… HT

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No!!!!!!! Darwin proved right!

The first primitive cells germinated in pools of condensed vapour caused by underground hot water or steam bubbling near the surface of the planet, a study shows. The finding published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences challenges the widespread view that life originated in the sea. Researchers analysed evidence of key rock chemicals in ancient inland and marine habitats and compared them with a genetic reconstruction of Earth’s first cells. Physicist Professor Dr Armen Mulkidjanian and colleagues discovered the oceans did not contain the best balance of ingredients to foster life. Darwin proved right on origin of

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Fine Tuning Controversial Thoughts on The Language of Science and Faith

Some really heady stuff – no doubt why many seek the most simplistic of answers. This is not meant to be a slight against anyone, but we do, as a species, like to seek more simple answers. Theologians and Scientists, however… well, maybe they are a meta-species are something. I am covering two chapters for this reflection. Chapter 6 deals with the controversy which surrounded and still surrounds Darwin’s theories while chapter 7 deals with something which I find uniquely interesting – the ability for this universe to support life. What is interesting is the history of the reaction