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Dr. Robert R. Cargill, ’nuff said @pastormark #manlymen

Yesterday, led by Rachel Held Evans, Twitter, Facebook, and the Blogosphere erupted over the continued statements by Mark Driscoll. manI realize that y of my readers may like him, but while his doctrine may be what we enjoy, his statements on various things (and Rachel has a list) should not be tolerated. But, you’ve read all of our reactions. Now, read this: a study in masculinity: comparing michael irvin and mark driscoll « XKV8R: The Official Blog of Dr. Robert R. Cargill.

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Explaining #ManlyMen

I on the other hand, being on Twitter at the time, began a hashtag #ManlyMen where I and a bunch of others have been posting sarcastic comments, things that real men do (like dishes, watching The Notebook, etc.), and posting confessions about things that real manly men do. via Manly Men | Awesomologist. Brian is the write of the comic Underfold, a rip roaring funny part of my day. Anyway, check out his post which has to deal with the dust up over Mark Driscoll. Here is one I posted today, if my wife says no, that actually means