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Wisconsin Town Leaves Domionist Network

In July, Chetek resident Chris Fritz championed joining the IACC, a coalition of cities focused on character improvement and a division of the Character Training Institute. Through the nonreligious Character First! program, cities, states and institutions could purchase training materials that emphasize and reward good character. Enlivened by Fritz’s efforts, city residents formed a character committee, wrote a resolution to make Chetek a City of Character (passed by the city council in September) and mailed a copy to the IACC. Chetek was added to its list of cities. There are the same organizations that Sarah Palin is associated with

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Minnesota Report issues short guide to Sarah Palin's connection with Joel's Army

Minnesota Independent: News. Politics. Media. » God’s Army: A short guide to Sarah Palin’s extreme religious worldview. Media coverage of Sarah Palin during the run-up to her debate with Democratic counterpart Joe Biden has focused increasingly on her apparent ignorance in matters of policy and public affairs, and understandably so. But it’s an open question whether all the things Sarah Palin doesn’t know are really more disturbing than the things Palin believes she does know as a function of her religious faith — a militant (and, where real-world politics are concerned, militaristic) evangelical creed that sees it as the