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“Love trumps chromosomes” – Former Anti-Gay pastor resigns after change of heart

Well…. someone is out of a job, but will end up on some tv program or another…

But in June, Oelschig experienced a revelation and attempted to explain his newfound support for LGBT equality to his church. Oelschig drew parallels “between the acceptance of homosexuality and those of other social movements, especially the civil rights movement of the 1960s, to which the church, ‘using countless biblical endorsements,’ once opposed but has since come to embrace.” The church council forbade Oelschig from addressing the matter further and eventually suspended him. Still, he returned to the topic during his farewell address last week:

“Before there was any creation, God was love,” Oelschig said, citing imagery from his original sermon. “After creation, gender came along, but God’s essence was still love. It’s my belief that the love between people is not a function of gender. (Homosexual couples) can express love, faith and affection just as we all can … it’s blessed by God.

“Love trumps chromosomes.” (here)