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Does anyone in Australia like Jesus anymore?

Australia is to remove the birth of Jesus as a reference point for dates in school history books. Under the new politically correct curriculum, the terms BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini) will be replaced with BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era). The Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, yesterday condemned the move as an ‘intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history’. I love this quote: ‘Australia is what it is today because of the foundations of our nation in the Judeo-Christian heritage that we inherited from Western civilization,’ he said. via Australia goes


Web censorship, Western Style

Interesting enough, the some of the this technology – especially that which was used in Egypt – was manufactured in the U.S.: For a long time, the dominant conversation around internet censorship has focused on two of the practice’s giants: Iran and China. Arguably owners of the most sophisticated filtering methods, the criticism levied against these two countries has been deserved. And yet, the focus on them has largely been at the exclusion of other countries that also censor the web to varying degrees – including an increasing number of democracies. In recent weeks, Turkey, Tunisia, and Australia have

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Fred Phelps on Australia

This is the video of the story on 60 Minutes Australia where Fred Phelps, of Westboro Baptist, says he has a map of Australia that looks like a weenie. And that he hates Australia, and pretty much everything else in the world. Related articles Fred Phelps loves Australia ( Fred Phelps on Australian TV… He’s Obviously a Gay Man (

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Fred Phelps loves Australia

Just kidding. Phelps hates Australia. “Australia is Sodom in the Pacific. And we got a map of it, shaped like, kinda like a fat weenie. You know how an Australian map looks right in the big middle of the ocean. Well we got Sodom written across it S O D O M. … Absolutely you’re doomed. … England and Australia are past any hope. They’ve spit in the face of God for the last time”. Pastor Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church. 60 Minutes, Australia. 22 May 2011.

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Catholic Clubs and gaming machines

In the late 1970s when my brother applied to join the local licensed Catholic Club in suburban Sydney, he needed a reference from his Parish Priest. To join you had to be a practicing Catholic and show your reason for joining was furthering the aims of the club – being supporting the Catholic Church. Back then the local club sponsored trainee priests at the seminary. The club had poker machines (slot machines) like all licensed clubs in Sydney, but they did not consume the club. In the past 25 or so years poker/gaming machines have come to dominate licenced

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Church of the Latter-Day Geek

What started as a joke on the Australian television program Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight, is now an actual church. Uniting Church minister Rev Dr Avril Hannah-Jones will be leading the first service of the ‘Church of the Latter-Day Geek‘ at the Romsey Uniting Church, north of Melbourne, at 4:00pm on April 10, 2011. Rev Hannah-Jones is encouraging people to dress-up in sci-fi costumes, and Klinglons are welcome. Very inclusive … as the Uniting Church in Australia most definitely is. One suggestion on the program for a new set of commandments was “Thou shalt forget about The Phantom

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What some Priests think about the Catholic Church

I present this as is … ONE priest said he learnt more about God from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings than the Catholic Church. Another compared the fervour of World Youth Day to the Hitler Youth. And a 47-year-old, whose only ambition had been to be a priest, said: ”Given the state of the church today, I look forward to the night when I go to sleep and just don’t wake up again.” Such were the varied, often frank and sometimes bleak views of Australia’s Catholic clergy revealed in an anonymous survey. The Charles Sturt University academics Chris McGillion and John