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You can feel sorta okay getting the new #iPad

After all, Mike Daisey who first broke the story of the horrible working conditions in Apple manufacturers in China is a liar:

A highly popular episode of This American Life in which monologuist Mike Daisey tells of the abuses at factories that make Apple products in China contained “significant fabrications,” the show said today.

“We’re horrified to have let something like this onto public radio,” Ira Glass, the show’s executive producer and host said in a blog post today. “Our program adheres to the same journalistic standards as the other national shows, and in this case, we did not live up to those standards.”

The 39-minute piece aired in January and TAL says after 888,000 downloads, it became its most popular podcast. The story is compelling: It tells of the awful working conditions of Chinese workers making shiny Apple products like iPhones and iPads at factories owned by a company called FoxConn, which also manufactures products for other electronics giants.

‘This American Life’ Retracts Mike Daisey’s Apple Factory Story : The Two-Way : NPR.

I bet he works for Google

Oh… and I got mine this morning… It is awesome. Very, very awesome

Cure the Gay, There’s an App for that

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Umm…. since ‘cure the gay’ ministries rarely work long term, do we really want this to be that accessible?

Apple is under fire for approving an app that encourages “the freedom to grow into heterosexuality” for those who are gay or transgender, and an online petition campaign to pull the app has garnered more than 107,000 signatures.

The app, in the Lifestyle category of the iTunes App Store, is called Exodus International, which is the name of the organization which describes itself as “the world’s largest ministry to individuals and families impacted by homosexuality. With over 35 years of ministry experience, Exodus is committed to encouraging, educating and equipping the Body of Christ to address the issue of homosexuality with grace and truth.”

via Digital Life – Apple criticized for allowing iPhone ‘gay cure’ app.


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Apple is the new religion

I only have one Apple made product. An iPod. Like a lot of other Apple products it was made in a Chinese factory owned by the Taiwanese conglomerate Foxconn. Foxconn has been accused of various less than adequate workplace safety procedures, with the latest incident involving 250 workers being exposed to pesticides in one of their Indian factories.

And there have been the well publicized problems with the new Foxconn made Apple iPhone 4.

Last week, Prof. Heidi Campbell of Texas A&M University, claimed in a research paper, and to Fox News, that:

The religious-like behavior and language surrounding Apple devotion/fandom is an example of ‘implicit religion’

and among other things, that:

Apple’s creation story epitomizes the humble garage origin of its technology — not unlike the humble manger of Jesus’ birth.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is perceived as a messianic leader who was fired but rose again to save the company.

Apple has traditionally had an evil archenemy, the Devil, as represented first by Microsoft and now by Google.

Steve Jobs’s exasperation at media coverage of the iPhone 4’s ‘perceived’ problems, and trying to claim that BlackBerry and Nokia phones also had the same problem (denied by BlackBerry owner RIM), along with other problems such as those at Foxconn, shows that if he is a claimed Messiah, he clearly has flaws and is only human.

For Apple Followers, It’s a Matter of Faith, Academics Say | Fox News