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Vetting the New Living Translation (NLT)

As many of my readers know, I come from a King James Only background (KJVO). It took me several years to build up the courage to actually read another version, much less actually buy one. Now, I have many different translations – print and electronic – and enjoy nearly everyone of them and from time to time will read one just to read it.

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UPCI General Superintendent Joins Pentecostals, Charismatics Preparing for Commission on Holy Spirit Empowerment in the 21st Century

According the Apostolic Report, the General Superintendent of the UPCI is about to capitulate to Charismatics and Trinitarian Pentecostals in a bid for a piece of the national spotlight.

Bro. Kenneth Haney, General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International, recently met with other Pentecostal and Charismatic leaders in Newport Beach, California as part of preliminary meetings leading up to the 2010 Commission on Holy Spirit Empowerment in the 21st Century, a Pentecostal/Charismatic congress slated for 2010 on the campus of Oral Roberts University.

The Commission, which is chaired by Rev. Billy Wilson, executive director fo the International Center for Spiritual Renewal and vice chair of the Oral Roberts University Board of Trustees, is attempting to cast a vision for the future of the Pentecostal movement.

The Congress will be held on the Tulsa campus of Oral Roberts University 8-10 April 2010.  The inclusion of Bro. Haney does signal the inclusion of the Oneness branch of the Pentecostal movement in the Congressional efforts of the Commission.

According to a press release, Kennethy Haney will join word of faith – prosperity preachers – evangelicals, charismatics, and other pentecostals to decide the direction of the movement – all two years before the next presidential election in which J. Lee Grady and his bunch of heretics (Joel’s Army, Charisma) has declared will hereald in the an ‘Apostolic Government’. They will be meeting at the university of the grand daddy of all prosperity preachers Oral ‘Give me 8 million dollars or I will die’ Roberts.

The participants included Reverend Billy Wilson; Mary Banks, founder of W.O.W. Consulting Group in Houston, Texas, and a member of the ORU Board of Trustees; Keith Craft, senior pastor of Celebration Covenant Church in Frisco, Texas; Ron Carpenter, Jr., founder and co-pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, S.C.; Billy Joe Daugherty, senior pastor of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Okla.; Daniel de Leon, senior pastor of Templo Calvario in Santa Ana, Calif.; Joe Champion, lead pastor of Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas; Dick Eastman, president of Every Home for Christ in Colorado Springs, Colo.; Gene Evans, president of Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International in Douglasville, Ga.; and Jack Hayford, president of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Los Angeles, Calif.

Also participating were Ralph Fagin, interim president of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Okla.; Al Hollingsworth, founder of BOSS/The Movement in Ontario, Calif.; Mart Green, president of Mardel, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Okla. and ORU Board Chair; Rob Hoskins, founder of Book of Hope in Pompano, Fla., and a member of the ORU Board of Trustees; Kenneth Haney, general superintendent of United Pentecostal Church International in Hazelwood, Mo.; Walt Kallestad, senior pastor of Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Ariz.; Rob Koke, senior pastor of Shoreline Christian Center in Austin, Texas; Vinson Synan, dean emeritus of Regent University in Chesapeake, Va.; Charles Scott, General Bishop of Pentecostal Church of God, Inc., in Joplin, Mo.; Kenneth Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church and president of King’s Seminary in Englewood, Calif.; David Shibley, founder of Global Advance in Rockwall, Texas; Mark Williams, second assistant general overseer of International Church of God in Cleveland, Tenn.; and Larry Stockstill, senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, La.

The meeting,

In 100 years, the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement has grown from a handful of individuals and organizations to a global force of more than 600 million people. A series of meetings has begun to discuss the future of this movement and how to introduce Spirit-empowered living to a new generation. These conversations will culminate in the Congress on Holy Spirit Empowerment in the 21st Century on April 8-10, 2010 at Oral Roberts University (ORU) in Tulsa, Okla.

“With more than 100 years behind us since the Azusa Street Revival and a new century before us, the time is now for a serious conversation on the future of the movement,” said Reverend Billy Wilson, chair of the Commission on Holy Spirit Empowerment in the 21st Century, executive director of the International Center for Spiritual Renewal and vice chair of the ORU Board of Trustees.

“Our hope is that through the work of the Commission new generations will experience the power of the Holy Spirit. They in turn will impact the nations of the earth and bring the greatest number of people to Christ in the history of the world,” Wilson said. “Although the Commission is a broad Kingdom initiative, Oral Roberts University is a fitting place to facilitate this process and we are excited about what the Holy Spirit will do on campus during the next several months.”

Three tracks of conversation have been established and include a leadership track, a scholars track and a new generation track. The leadership track includes leaders from the traditional Pentecostal/Charismatic community as well as leaders in new emerging ministries. The scholars track will include leading scholars from the Pentecostal/Charismatic community with an intentional focus on diversity to facilitate a broad range of thought. The new generation track will be a combination of new generation ministry leaders and students to reflect on Spirit-empowered living in their generation.

There are a number of anticipated outcomes from this process and the 2010 Congress. Questions and solutions for the future of the Spirit-filled movement will be brought forward; new, contemporary vocabulary will surface and be adopted; increased effectiveness in reaching and engaging new generations will be achieved; increased unity between traditional Pentecostals/Charismatics and emerging churches will be realized; and the continued growth of Spirit-empowered ministries will be encouraged.

“The ORU Board of Trustees is excited about the Commission on Holy Spirit Empowerment in the 21st Century and how it is positioning ORU in a place of servant leadership to the global Christian community,” said Mart Green, board chair of the ORU Board of Trustees and president of Mardel, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Okla. “We believe the greatest days for ORU and the world are ahead of us as we embrace a fresh empowerment of the Holy Spirit.”

The first leadership track took place the week of Dec. 7 in Newport Beach, Calif. Oral Roberts, founder, chancellor and trustee of ORU, visited this initial conversation and shared insights into the unique transition at ORU during the last year. Roberts affirmed and embraced the fresh leadership Green is providing as board chair.

The meeting calls for a new direction and a new way to introduce the ‘spirit’ to a new generation, so why are the UPCI – oneness pentecostals – attending? They have made such a difference against the Trinitarians with the doctrine of the Godhead, and yet would join them in worship and planning a ‘new direction’?

Bruce Wilson: Sarah Palin Linked to Second Witch Hunter

Remember, this is the same group that has spawned Todd Bentley:

First, some videos:

I don’t much care about the anti-catholic stuff, except for the voodoo priestess who claims to have killed Mother Theresa by prayer. Notice Muthee’s last words…the more violent you become… What exactly o you think that means? These people are nothing more than ‘Christian’ terrorists.

Warning: The Video below is disturbing.

Pray this nation into the Kingdom? Seriously? Does this not disturb you?

[below: video with audio excerpts from Mary Glazier’s July 13, 2008 address in which Glazier stated that Sarah Palin had joined Glazier’s prayer group, then based in Wasilla, when Glazier was 24 yerar’s old. Audio excerpt starts approx. 45 seconds into video]

via Bruce Wilson: Sarah Palin Linked to Second “Witch Hunter”

Palin’s other witch hunter : Mary Glazier

If mainstream media failed to connect the dots tying Palin to Muthee and his witch-hunting ideology, at least it noticed that a Palin-Muthee existed in the first place. But, mainstream journalists and reporters wholly utterly failed to notice accounts circulating on the Internet, which tied Sarah Palin to a second witch hunter who was, in fact, indigenous to Alaska: Mary Glazier.

On July 13, 2008, at a conference held at a church in Everett, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, Mary Glazier told top leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation that at the age of twenty four, a young Wasilla, Alaska woman had joined Glazier’s prayer group which was later to become the Alaska “spiritual warfare network”. Mary Glazier is the Alaska Director of the Global Apostolic Prayer Network, originally founded in 1990 as the “Spiritual Warfare Network”.

In a one-hour sermon during which Mary Glazier told attendees of the July 12-14, 2008 “Bringing Heaven To Earth” conference about her prayer-warfare group’s efforts towards the election of Alaska Independence Party candidate Walter E. Hickel to the Alaska governor’s seat, Glazier described her association with Sarah Palin:

“We began to shake that Gate of government. Father you said this is what you are going to do. We have to have a Christian Governor to have this happen. And by a miracle he won by a write-in campaign by a landslide. But while we were praying for him there was a twenty-four year old woman that God began to speak to about entering into politics. She became a part of our prayer group out in Wasilla.

Years later, became the mayor of Wasilla. And last year was elected Governor of the state of Alaska.

Yes! Hallelujah!

At her inauguration she dedicated the state to Jesus Christ.


On October 22, 2008, Sarah Palin appeared on Focus on The Family head Dr. James Dobson’s personal radio show, and Palin thanked “our prayer warriors” around the nation:

James Dobson: Well, I want to tell you I’m one of those great fans too, and I just want you to know that Shirley and I are praying for you, for your safety, and for your health, and that God’s perfect will will be done on November the fourth.

Shirley just had a prayer event here, she’s Chairman of the National Day of Prayer and we had 430 people here for the weekend. They prayed for the whole weekend. It was not a political event but we were sure asking for God’s intervention.

Sarah Palin:

Well, it is that intercession that is so needed, and so greatly appreciated. And I can feel it too Dr. Dobson, I can feel the power of prayer and that strength that is provided through our prayer warriors across this nation, and I so appreciate it.

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A Common Dialog: Is God a substance?

The ‘divine riddle’ of classic Trinitarians is ‘three substances; one essence’ to which many Modalists (many not knowing exactly what that particular name implies) rebut that God is not a substance, as substance is an element, and God is a Spirit.

God is a substance, but not the human-minded elemental substance of material. Is this blasphemy for an Economist to state such things? Let us briefly examine the issue with reason.

Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high; (Hebrews 1:3 KJV)

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1 KJVA)

In the Greek, both of these words read υποστασις, hupostasis. In the Latin, it is translated as substantiae from which we derive our English word, substance. In no meaning of this word can we derive something ‘elemental’ as many would have us believe that the Trinitarians intend.

First, it would be erroneous for us to say that God is not a substance – as we would argue with the writer of Hebrews. What first must be learned is what is mean by ’substance’.

From TDNT (Kittel) –

The noun occurs some 20 times in the LXX (Septuagint) for 12 Hebrew terms, and the verb hyphístēmi occurs somewhat more often in the sense “to endure.” The meaning of hypóstasis seems to be “movable property” in Dt. 11:6, “immovable property” in Job 22:20, “basis of power” in Ezek. 26:11, “reality” that gives a firm guarantee in Ruth 1:12; Ps. 39:7, “life plan” in Ps. 139:15, “plan” in Jer. 23:22, and “counsel” in Ezek. 19:5; Dt. 1:12. LXX usage thus conforms to Greek. hypóstasis is the underlying reality behind things, often as a plan or purpose, or as that which, enclosed in God, endures.

It is primarily a word which means ‘foundation’, and it is this sense what we must understand the substance of God – not in that it can be divided to create ‘one-third’ Gods, but in that the substance of God is the very being of God. (Can you really divide faith?)

It is a matter of historical fact that the translators of the King James Version of the Scriptures were, to the last man, Trinitarian. This theological presence permeated every inch of their translation abilities. The use of ‘person’ in Hebrews 1.3 is not a statement of pure translation, but a theological statement aimed at directing readers, at least in subconscious thought, to the Trinity in which all members are ascribed Personhood. Note, however, that the only ‘Person’ in the ‘Godhead’ that is given a substance (hupostasis) is indeed God, and just as Paul told us in Colossians 1.15, Christ is the image of God.

At no time in Scripture is the Substance of God divided, or made distinct within itself, except during the Incarnation, when Christ entered Time, leaving Eternity behind. The issue with the Trinitarians is that they, a general concept, see this as ontological instead of economic. It was not until Tertullian in the 3rd century that the idea of the Son being ‘begotten from eternity’ arose in the Church – and it was not until the fourth century that they idea of hypostaseis (multiple persons) was applied to the Godhead by the Arians (This view was fought to the dying breath by Marcellus of Ancrya who considered it a heresy to have a ‘plural number’ in the Godhead.). Before Tertullian, as a whole, men such as Ignatius and Theophilus, both of Antioch, and Irenaeus (It is thought that Tertullian’s unnamed opponent in his theological works was Irenaeus) consistently referred to God as the One Person, and saw no lasting distinction in the ‘Godhead.’ For them, as Ignatius the Bishop of Antioch, disciple of Peter and John, and friend of Polycarp the Bishop of Smyrna, there was only ‘our God, Jesus Christ.’ (Ignatius, Ephesians 18.2)

But God is a spirit

In the King James Version, we read that God is a spirit (John 4.24), but in the Greek, it is πνευμα ο θεος, which literally reads, ‘God is spirit.’ Compare this with 1st John 1.5 and 4.8 in which God is light (ο θεος φως εστιν) and God is love (ο θεος αγαπη εστιν). The grammar is the same – God is (subject). Indeed, God is spirit, the pneuma, which denotes His non-corporeality, and in itself, spirit is the substance of God.

Gregory Nazianzen on Doctrinal Development

Many of the readers of this blog know that I disagree with the idea that Doctrine has developed over time. My basis for this belief is that idea that many times the New Testament writers spoke about the Faith that was once for all delivered unto the Saints. In Acts 2, on the Day of Pentecost, we read that the new Christians continued steadfastly in the doctrine of the Apostles. If the Church is to continue in the Doctrine of the Apostles then that Doctrine must not change. You might call it Doctrinal Procession or Development, but I do not see a scriptural basis for it.

This week, while reading Early Christian Doctrines I came across a que to a thought by Gregory of Nazianzus. So, I went searching for it, in hopes of finding something biblical about it. This is the quote:

XXVI.  To this I may compare the case of Theology3733 except that it proceeds the reverse way.  For in the case by which I have illustrated it the change is made by successive subtractions; whereas here perfection is reached by additions.  For the matter stands thus.  The Old Testament proclaimed the Father openly, and the Son more obscurely.  The New manifested the Son, and suggested the Deity of the Spirit.  Now the Spirit Himself dwells among us, and supplies us with a clearer demonstration of Himself.  For it was not safe, when the Godhead of the Father was not yet acknowledged, plainly to proclaim the Son; nor when that of the Son was not yet received to burden us further (if I may use so bold an expression) with the Holy Ghost; lest perhaps people might, like men loaded with food beyond their strength, and presenting eyes as yet too weak to bear it to the sun’s light, risk the loss even of that which was within the reach of their powers; but that by gradual additions, and, as David says, Goings up, and advances and progress from glory to glory,3734 the Light of the Trinity might shine upon the more illuminated.  For this reason it was, I think, that He gradually came to dwell in the Disciples, measuring Himself out to them according to their capacity to receive Him, at the beginning of the Gospel, after the Passion, after the Ascension, making perfect their powers, being breathed upon them, and appearing in fiery tongues.  And indeed it is by little and little that He is declared by Jesus, as you will learn for yourself if you will read more carefully.  I will ask the Father, He says, and He will send you another Comforter, even the spirit of Truth.3735 This He said that He might not seem to be a rival God, or to make His discourses to them by another authority.  Again, He shall send Him, but it is in My Name.  He leaves out the I will ask, but He keeps the Shall send,3736 then again, I will send,—His own dignity.  Then shall come,3737the authority of the Spirit.

Theology, the translator tells us, is restrict to the Doctrine of the Deity of the Son. We can accept that. Gregory’s use of Father does not equal the use by the Jews, the Apostles, the Apostolic or the early Church Fathers. For them, Father was the principle, the source of Creation. The Son is proclaimed not as Son, but as Messiah, as the Hope of Israel.

The problem with Gregory’s analysis of the Old and the New and the Now (Father, Son, Spirit) is that it only provides Inspiration for the two. We are the base our doctrine on the Scriptures. If this is the case, then we have no real scriptures pointing to the deity of the Spirit and thus, no justification of the third person of the Trinity.

There is of course problem with the ‘gradual’ indwelling of the Apostles by the Spirit. There is no scriptural evidence for that. Christ did not give the Spirit measured in John 20.

Well, I don’t want to dissect him too much, but I would rather stick with Chrysostom