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Getting Kicked on TBN? Wait, that happens? Ask Andile Myemane

I realize it was most likely a business decision, but man, the things you have to do to get kicked off of the Trinity Broadcasting Network

THE pastor of a church tainted by scandalous allegations of infidelity, thuggery and financial greed has been kicked off a Christian television channel for the second time.

Following days of lurid headlines, Jesus Christ Family (JCF) Church pastor Andile Myemane has been suspended from the popular TBN Africa television station.

On Saturday, the Dispatch exposed a secret tape recording on which Myemane admits his intentions to divorce his wife and marry his sister-in-law, with whom he shares a plush double- storey home.

However, when the Dispatch contacted Myemane – the leader of what he claims is southern Africa’s fastest growing church – he denied being asked to leave TBN. “They (TBN) sent me an e- mail. They haven’t chosen sides yet. I am still with the station,” Myemane said.

Daily Dispatch Online.